My essential list of 120 inspiring, educational, and human-operated #MRX Twitter accounts

I’m pretty good about curating my Twitter account to be relevant to me and current. When accounts go dormant, the author switches their career, or there’s too much promotion, I unfollow (or mute) those accounts. Given that, the people I follow are at least somewhat active tweeters within the marketing research, polling, data, statistics, visualization, VR, and AI industries.

Within that set, however, there is a core group of people who inspire, teach, or make me rethink what I thought I knew. If you’re looking for the same, may I suggest following every single person on the list below. For quicker following, go right to my Twitter list: This list is always changing as I occasionally find new gems.

I also follow a bunch of unrelated, fun accounts so if you want to know what tickles my fancy outside of research (mudlarking, archeology, birds, horrid jokes), have a peek here:

(((Adam Korengold))) @akorengold  Insight generator, PRC.
Adriana Rocha @adricrocha  CEO at eCGlobal, the creator of , a social network that helps brands & consumers to collaborate and make better data-driven decisions.
Andrew Kohut @AndrewKohut1  Founding Director, Pew Research Center
Andrew Reid @reidandrew  CEO of Rival Technologies | Founder of Vision Critical | Entrepreneur • Innovator • Investor • Husband • Dad • Adventurer
Andrew Vincent @Waves05  Childlike curiosity, insight practitioner, consultant and trainer. Waves on twitter: no blog just 140 characters of opinion (and NOT 280, LESS not MORE).
andrewjeavons @andrewjeavons  text analytics, software development, psychology, cat wrangler and silversmith.
Angus Reid @AngusReid  Chair, Angus Reid Institute, Angus Reid Forum. Passionate about public views on the issues of our times. Prepared to put my own spin on the unfolding dynamic.
Angus Reid @Reid_Angus  Exec Chair @Visioncritical; lifetime pollster @angusreidglobal
Ariel Edwards-Levy @aedwardslevy  Reporter and polling editor @HuffPostPol, covering politics/public opinion. LA native, USC alum, perpetually in search of a pithier Twitter bio. I like puns.
Ashley Kirzinger @AshleyKirzinger  Associate Director for Public Opinion and Survey Research at @kaiserfamfound. Also: @AAPOR’s Transparency Init, #womenalsopoll Elder Millennial. She/Her. Ph.D.
Barb Justason @barbjustason  Pollster follows only active accounts: #Vancouver #VanPoli #BCpoli #Civic #Urban. Justason Market Intelligence & Vancouver Focus®.
Barry Watson @bwatson_erg  President and CEO at Environics Research
Ben Page, Ipsos MORI @benatipsosmori  Chief Exec at Ipsos MORI, Visiting Professor at Kings College London . Trustee at @centreforlondon and @Ageing_Better
Betty Adamou @BettyAdamou  CEO & Founder @RTG_Ltd Author: Games & Gamification in Market Research  SeriousGame designer. Inventor of ResearchGames™. Keynote speaker
Brian F. Singh @BFSingh  Catalyst/Strategist/Data scientist. Angel investor, food/wine aficionado & (tries to be) decent guy. They/Them.
Bruno Moynié @BrunoMoynie  Ethnographer-filmmaker, inclined to storytelling. Blues & Stinky cheeses lover.
Carol Fitzgerald @carolfitzgerald  President & CEO of @BuzzBack #MRX
Caroline Criado Perez @CCriadoPerez  Lobbyist for Big Vagina. Author of INVISIBLE WOMEN. UK publicist: @lucietwiggs US publicist: publicity[at] . Agent: tbohan[at] .
Cathy Harrison @VirtualMRX  Insights & Market Intelligence Professional: Creative, skilled, & methodologically agnostic. Holistic approach to exploring complex business concerns #MRX #PMP
Claire Durand @clairedurand  Professeur, dept. de sociologie, U de Montréal; Sondages/ Survey research; Méthodes quantitatives/ Quantitative methods; CECD-CSDC; Past President, WAPOR.
Dan Ariely @danariely  Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics
Dan Foreman @winifredatwell
Dan Womack @DanWomack  Insights, strategy and innovation guy. Fan of meaningful change, informed decisions & vinyl records. #MRX
Danielle Todd @DanielleDDTodd  Account Director @wearerelish. London @WomenInResearch lead. Love great brands that do good, feminism, boxing and wine.
Data Science Renee @BecomingDataSci  Creator/Host of Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast // @DataSciGuide @DataSciLearning @NewDataSciJobs // Personal acct: @paix120 // Data Scientist at @HelioCampus
David Dutwin @DDutwin  Its all about the method – EVP/Chief Methodologist at @ssrs_research
David F. Harris @David_F_Harris  David does training and consulting on questionnaire design and research planning. Author of the book, The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires.
David Stark @davidstarkca  Widowed dad, road safety advocate, privacy officer in financial services industry. Co-founded Friends and Families for Safe Streets. #ffsafestreets
Diana Lucaci @dianalucaci  Founder, CEO at True Impact. We humanize the customer and drive growth with consumer neuroscience research.
Diane Hessan @DianeHessan  Entrepreneur, author & angel investor. Founder/Chair of C Space, Boston Globe Columnist, lover of all things baseball & politics. Mom to 2 fabulous daughters.
Director of Global Attitudes Research @pewresearch Jenny C @Jenny_Census
Dr Liz Allen @DrDemography  Demographer | Demography, populations, surveys, data, methods, census. Educator, researcher.
Dydra Virgil @dhvirgil  25 years marketing research experience (qual & quant). Skilled moderator. MBA, Wake Forest University BA Economics, UNC at Chapel Hill
Edward Tufte @EdwardTufte  Statistician,visualizer,artist, professor. Founded Graphics Press, Hogpen Hill Farms, ET Modern Gallery
Edward @Edward04  Consumer Insights Manager based in Berlin
Elina Halonen @SquarePegMind  Consumer behaviour specialist | Neurodivergent | Cross-cultural psychologist
Elizabeth Moore @ms_lizzie  Analyst wrangler, insights professional at Telstra. Choral singer. Lover of classical music, opera, skiing and my family. Opinions my own.
eric salama @ericsalama  ceo of @kantar, leader in global #marketresearch insights and consulting and part of @wpp. governor of @birkbeckUoL dad, arsenal supporter
Finn01 @Finn01  Director General, ESOMAR
Fiona Blades @FionaMESH  Founder & Chief Experience Officer of MESH – The Experience Agency.
Frank Graves @VoiceOfFranky  Frank Graves is the president and founder of EKOS Research Associates. Views here are personal and not those of EKOS Research .
Gian Fulgoni @gfulgoni  Former Chairman & CEO and Co-Founder, comScore. Digital Media, Digital Commerce, Market Research, IRI, Sports, Porsche, Pittsburgh Steelers
griffinsc @griffinsc  Passionate supporter of young creatives and artists, especially in theater.
Hilary Mason @hmason  GM for Machine Learning at @Cloudera. Founder at @FastForwardLabs. Data Scientist in Residence at @accel. I
Howard Fienberg @hfienberg  VP Advocacy for @InsightsMRX and co-director of @CensusProject … tweeting on Hockey, lobbying, sci-fi, horror and #mrx
Ilka Kuhagen @ilkakuhagen  Award Winning Qualitative Research Consultant: Insight | Innovation | Consulting
Its all about the method – EVP/Chief Methodologist at @ssrs_research Andrew Kohut @AndrewKohut1
Jacqueline Rousseau-Anderson @jaranderson  Passionate exec turned strategist who loves helping people get sh*t done.
Jane Frost @JaneFrostMRS  Chief Executive Officer at MRS – the world’s largest research association. Experienced marketer, and champion of all things research. All views are my own.
Jean-Marc Leger @JeanMarcLeger1  Président de la firme de sondages Léger, la plus importante firme de sondages et recherche marketing à propriété canadienne.
Jeffrey Henning @JHenning  Executive director of the MRII, providing continuing education to market researchers worldwide. ~I mark quotes edited to fit Twitter with tildes.~
Jen Romano-Bergstrom @romanocog  Experimental Psychologist; UX Research Director @Bridgewater; Coach; @UXPA_Int Board Mem; Author of ‘Eye Tracking in UX Design’ & ‘Usability Testing of Surveys’
Jenny C @Jenny_Census  I’m a Research Psychologist for the US Census Bureau. Views expressed here are my own!
Joaquim Bretcha @jbretcha  ESOMAR President | Netquest International | Mindprober advisor | HealhtusNepal co-founder #mrx #dataanalytics #connector #communicator
John Crockett @JohnCMRP  modern market researcher who spends too much time talking sports with his dog
John D. Willis @TOjohnw  Inclusive design in services. organizations, and markets. Current work in social service modernization. All tweets are my own opinions.
John Kearon @ChiefJuicer  Founder & CEO of System1 Group PLC [formerly BrainJuicer]
John Wright @JohnWrightLive  30 yrs polling. 40 yrs Public Affairs Communications. Demography. Commentator. Pundit. Political Observer. Absolutely Non Partisan. 3 Bestseller Canadian Books.
johngriffiths7 @johngriffiths7  explorer planner and researcher Planning Above and Beyond Research Liberation Front and Waggledancers are all social objects I am linked to
Jon Cohen @jcpolls  chief research officer @surveymonkey. x-@washingtonpost, @pewresearch @ABCNews, @PPICNotes, @Accenture. Suffering @CalAthletics fan; x-suffering @warriors fan
Jon Puleston @jonpuleston  Vice President Innovation Kantar Profiles division, specialising in the design & development of interactive surveys & online research innovation
Julie K @julie1research  Market strategy & research for F500 tech, platform, fin tech, media, e-commerce brands. Amplifier, listener, socializer, spotter, friend #MRX, #NGMR #NewMR ENTJ
Justine Bulgar-Medina @Bulgar_Medina  Survey Researcher. Sociologist. Researcher @ NORC. #Northeastern alumna. Amateur chef. Bibliophile. And, an overall geek.
KARENE SMITH @ShineyInsights  Leading the creative & efficient insights geekery at Shine Insight – an alternative insights agency. #MRX #visualstorytelling #dataviz #marketresearch
Kathryn Korostoff @ResearchRocks  I get to work with 9 instructors and 100+ consultants, and all of us are aiming for the same thing: advancing customer insights through research excellence.
Kathy Doyle @DoyleResearch  Innovative qualitative research. We are experienced, curious, smart and strategic.
Katie Clark @InsightsGal  Market researcher, digital storyteller, life hacker, productivity nerd, #twinmom, adoption advocate
Kerry Hecht @Kerryhecht  Mom of a human and three dogs. Lifelong market researcher and CEO/Founder of Echo MR
Kevin Gray @kevinsgray999  Andrew Vincent @Waves05
KJ @kristajoyce1114  kicking and screaming
Kristen Olson @olson_km  Survey Methodologist by profession. Sociologist by choice.
Kristen Soltis Anderson @KSoltisAnderson  Polls at @echeloninsights, host on @siriusxm POTUS Ch + @thepollsters + writes for @washingtonexaminer
Kristin Anderson @kanders32  Customer Insights professional in the Women’s Retail Apparel sphere. Curiosity driven. Sometimes athletic, always enthusiastic. All views my own.
Kristin Luck @kristinluck  Serial #entrepreneur turned advisor & #growth strategist. Data monetization pro. Latest project @scale_house. Passion project: @womeninresearch
Kristof De Wulf @kristofdewulf  Co-founder & CEO @InSites l Empowering people to shape the future of brands l @TEDx talker I Former @Vlerick professor I #mrx #insight #innovation #cx #custexp
Laura Davies @lauramdavies  Researcher, marketer, pollster, online community builder & non-profit campaigner, living it up in Essex, but homes away from home in Canada & India. Views own!
Laurent Flores @laurentflores  #Entrepreneur #Digital #Marketing #Analytics #Professor of Marketing #Author #Sailor
Layla Shea @UpwordsInsights  Chief Insights Officer and founder of Upwords. Curious about everything.
Leonard Murphy @lennyism  Thinker, Doer, Leader, Advisor, Investor. Insight innovation junkie. Dad to 5 and proud uber-geek.
Lisa Horwich @PallasResearch  B2B Researcher | Strategist | Marketer | Moderator | Martial Arts Enthusiast
Lisa Wilding-Brown @WildingBrown  Lisa Wilding-Brown
LKHDavison @lkhdavison  Founder, MD @keenasmustard marketing agency for data, research and insight. Formerly @keenasmustard now me. Fan of Radio4 and tea, builder’s please
Marcello Sasso @marcellosasso  VP, Aimpoint Research, Market Research Thought Leader
Mario Canseco @mario_canseco  Mario Conseco
Mark Blumenthal @MysteryPollster  Pollster. Husband. Father. Cyclist. Formerly: SurveyMonkey, Huffington Post, , political consultant (D).
Michael Link @MLink01  Dad, drummer, foodie, registered drone pilot — Views are my own.
Molly Brodie @Mollybrodie  Mollyann Brodie | Kaiser Family Foundation (@KaiserFamFound) Sr VP Exec Operations & Exec Director, Public Opinion & Survey Research | @AAPOR President
Natalie Jackson @nataliemjb  Research Director @PRRIpoll (opinions my own) | polisci PhD |
Nicole Radziwill @nicoleradziwill  VP Quality & SCM #rstats #wx #machinelearning #IIoT #EHSQ #datascience #asd UNI’92 & 50% Nichól Ní Radsibhfuil!
Niels Schillewaert @niels_insites  Managing Partner, co-founder InSites Consulting | Author & Speaker | PhD | Research Geek | Change Executive Thinking via Consumer Consulting
Nikki Lavoie @NikkiMindspark  Me, but professional me. Globe-trotting Managing Director of @mindsparklab. Conduit of human connection. American in Paris.
Oana Rengle @OanaRengle  Qualitative Research Fairy
Ol’ Man Crosstabs @OldSchoolMRX  Research the way it should be done.
Paul Fairie @paulisci  Sometimes I teach politics, more often I tweet jokes.
Peter Harrison @Peter_Harrison  Behaviour Change, branding & Insights person. Opinions / sense of humour my own and statistically speaking likely to be shared by you if you choose to follow
pollcat @pollcat  AKA Scott Keeter. Senior survey advisor to Pew Research Center. Lapsed political scientist. Bad golfer. Hiker. Same colleges as Steph Curry & Michael Jordan.
Rana el Kaliouby @kaliouby  Entrepreneur. Scientist. Co-founder and CEO @Affectiva. On a mission to humanize technology with #EmotionAI – YGL at WEF. #CV #ML #DeepLearning #womenintech
RayPoynter @RayPoynter  At the intersection of work, fun & discovery. Founder #NewMR – my core activities are consulting, learning, training, writing, and having fun.
Reg Baker @thesurveygeek  Market, opinion and social research maven, contrarian, avid birder, photo enthusiast and music lover
Reineke Reitsma @rreitsma  Forrester Analyst. Interested in anything related to consumer behavior, technology change, and market research – preferably in combination
Richard Wike @RichardWike  Director of Global Attitudes Research @pewresearch
Rick Hobbs @rhobber  Research, Analytics, Sports. Views are my own.
Robert M. Groves @RobertMGroves  Provost of Georgetown’s main campus, professor in mathematics and statistics, and sociology. His blog can be found at
S Saurage-Altenloh @SaurageFacts  Trendspotter. Research strategist. Networking junkie. Lover of music, wine, fast cars, motorcycles, art and my Constitutional rights. MBA, PhD…
Scott Koenig @Scott_Koenig  Marketing storyteller, educator, researcher, and community volunteer helping businesses and individuals reach their potential.
Shannon Danzy @sdanzy  Sharing my curiosity abt culture, brands + people | Online qualitative research specialist | Brand strategist | Co-Chair, QRCA Young Pro Committee + NY Chapter
Siamack Salari @SiamackSalari  Outsider, Ethnographer, dad, cook, lover. Visiting Fellow Dept of Management Kings College London. EthOSapp creator.
Sima Vasa @simavasa  Passionate, curious, successful leader focused on elevating the data, #mrx and analytics ecosystem. Entrepreneurship, Investment Banking, Advisor, Podcast Host
Stan Sthanunathan @ssthanunathan  Strategy, Insights, advanced analytics, big data and Impact. Humour, Laughter and Optimistic view of life. Self proclaimed shopaholic!
Stas Kolenikov @StatStas  Survey statistician. Views are not my employer’s (@AbtAssociates @AbtDataScience). Looking forward to opportunities to collect data for you. [stas kɐlʲ’enʲikɐv]
Sue York @1sue3  Helping Create the Future of Research. Author of ‘The Handbook of Mobile Market Research’. Founder of #NewMR. Social and Market Researcher.
Susan Abbott @SusanAbbott  Facilitator, quallie, author, artist.  |  |  political: @mspundit
SusanSweet @SusanSweet  Qualitative research consultant who loves travel, food, coffee and her kids. Can be found here:
Tom De Ruyck @tomderuyck  Managing Partner @InSites | Creating Consumer-Centric Thinking, Future Proof Organisations | Keynote Speaker | Author | Prof. @IESEG | Investor @SpeakersBaseHQ
Tom Ewing @tomewing  Pop writer, market researcher, lazybones. He/him.
Trent Buskirk @trentbuskirk  Data Science Renee @BecomingDataSci
Trina Arnett @trinalytics  Perpetually curious and passionate researcher, data junkie, visualization wonk, analytics geek.
Vanessa Oshima @VOshima70  Kiwi that loves Japan, her husband and kids … and life in general … motto is to never let it beat you … try hard enough it will join you!
Zontziry Johnson @zontziry  #MRX influencer. Lifelong learner. Mother. Sewer. Sci-fi and boardgame geek. Call me Z! All tweets are my own opinion and craziness.
CEO @abacusdataca Prof @Carleton_U. Speaker with @speakersdotca #cycling, #strategy, #cdnpoli, #marketing, #foodie, #wine, & #Millennials.
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