People Aren’t Robots: A practical guide to the psychology and technique of questionnaire design (2nd edition) by Annie Pettit, PhD, FMRIA

The best 2 bucks you’ll ever spend! Tell your students, colleagues, bosses, gramma, and your neighbours!

People Aren't Robots by Annie Pettitebook for itunes

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Questionnaire design is easy until you find yourself troubled with horrid data quality. The problem, as with most things, is that there is an art and science to designing a good quality and effective questionnaire and a bit of guidance is necessary. This book will give you that guidance in a short, easy to read, and easy to follow format. But how is it different from all the other questionnaire design books out there?

  • It gives practical advice from someone who has witnessed more than fifteen years of good and poor choices that experienced and inexperienced questionnaire writers make. Yes, even academic, professional researchers make plenty of poor questionnaire design choices.
  • It outlines how to design questions while keeping in mind that people are fallible, subjective, and emotional human beings. Not robots. It’s about time someone did this, don’t you think?

This book was written for marketers, brand managers, and advertising executives who may have less experience in the research industry.

It was also written to help academic and social researchers write questionnaires that are better suited for the general population, particularly when using research panels and customer lists.

I hope that once you understand and apply these techniques, you think this is the best $2 you’ve ever spent and that you hear your respondents say “this is the best questionnaire I’ve ever answered!”

Reviews are in!

  • I don’t know of any book that covers the whole survey process, but I can heartily recommend @LoveStats short book on questionnaire design
  • I am so excited that I am using your book as part of the curriculum for my department!
  • Read your book, BTW. I intend to make it required reading for interns and some clients. Quite concise.
  • For the researchers and entrepreneurs out there, here’s a book from an expert. Pick it up (& read & implement) 👌
  • Congrats, Annie! A engagingly written and succinct book, with lots of great tips!
  • Congratulations! It’s a joy watching and learning from your many industry efforts.
  • It looks great!!! If I could, I would buy many copies and give to many people I know who need some of your advice. 🙂