I’m a market research methodologist who specializes in social media research, survey design and analysis, and data quality. I speak, blog, and author articles about research methods, social media research, statistics, charts, data quality, and basic research topics.  I think research should be fun and interesting, instead of a dreaded, tangle of numbers and charts that don’t make any sense. I say things about research that other people are thinking but can’t always put into words. I take my work very seriously but I also make sure it comes with a large dose of reality and small dose of humour.

You can catch my opinions and posts here as well:
Featured Author on Business 2 Community Market Research ArticlesProud Writer, 12 Most Survey Blog Board


How I Keep Myself Occupied

  • Freelance research writing

Previous Employment

  • Peanut Labs, Chief Research Officer.
  • Research Now, Vice President, Research Standards
  • Chair of Publications, Editor in Chief of Vue Magazine, MRIA
  • Member of Advisory Board for Georgian College RAP research analyst program
  • Ipsos (Director of Panel Analytics), ICOM (Research Scientist), Ministry of the Solicitor General (Measurement Project Manager)


  • York University, PhD, Experimental Psychology, Studied data quality of online surveys and generalizability of results from non-random samples.
  • University of Guelph, BA, Psychology, Studied the psychometric properties of personality tests

Industry Associations

  • Individual member of MRIA and AAPOR
  • Member of CASRO, MRA, MRIA, and ESOMAR committees that created guidelines for social media research

Read Online Now


  • 2014 Alert!, Survey Magazine columnist
  • 2013 Alert!, Vue, IJMR (refereed), Survey Magazine columnist
  • 2012 The ListenLady (a social media research novel), IJMR
  • 2011 Alert!, Vue, Quirks, AMA;
  • 2010 Social Media Research, Alert!, Sampling, Quirks;
  • 2009 Twesearch, Alert!, Esomar Conference summary, Research Live;
  • 2008: Online survey data quality, Vue Magazine;
  • 2003: Online Survey Response Rates, Comparing On-line and Off-line Results, Imprints;
  • 2002: Best Practices for Online Research, Imprints;
  • 2001: Comparison of WWW and Paper-and-Pencil Questionnaires, Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers (refereed);
  • 1999: World Wide Web as a Data Collection Tool, Computers in Human Behaviour (refereed)


  • 2014 Net Gain, NewMR Explode-A-Myth, CMA CX, AAPOR, CASRO, ESOMAR, MRIA
  • 2012 Netgain workshop, MRIA lunch and learn, CASRO management, ESOMAR Best Of, MRMW, QRCA, Radio NewMR
  • 2011 ESOMAR 3D, Research Live SMR, IIR, MRA, MRIA, MRA Webinar, Netgain5;
  • 2010 Social Media Research, MRIA, Netgain, MRA, ARF, ASTM, CASRO;
  • 2009 Cell Phone Research, PeanutLabs webinar; CASRO Social Networks in market research, Online data quality;
  • 2008 CASRO, IIR, MRA – Data Quality;
  • 2007 MRIA NetGain – Right Tools for the Right Job; IIR – Identifying Poor Quality Respondents in Online Research ; 2004 CMA – Writing Quality Online Surveys;
  • 1997, 2001 CPA – Creating Online Surveys, Response Sets in WWW and Offline Surveys



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14 responses

  1. Im new to stats field. I did a lot of research to get into such a website which defines the terms easy. Wow, your site is just awesome.. Its really very simply the way you teaches.. appreciate you a lot (and this is the 1st time im thanking a site 😀 )

    1. I’m glad you like it 🙂

  2. Annie,

    Thank you for your honest response. I guess I have to work on making more evident what are the uses of this tool (a video featuring user cases, for instance). Thanks!

  3. Hello Annie,

    I’m Santiago Ortiz and I create data visualization projects (http://moebio.com) I’ll soon release a project that visualizes twitter communities. These communities can be built up from a single twitter account (providing the person interacts with others, keeps conversations). With your account it works great and 1. I wanted to show it to you 2. I wanted to showcase the community generated from your account in the project (only if you agree of course). Is there a way I can send you a link with the non released version of the project and to your community visualized?


    1. Sure. Leave a link right here and I”ll have a look. I won’t post the link itself.

    2. Hi there, I took a look at it. I must admit I don’t really get it. Not sure why I would use it. 😦

  4. Annie,

    Really enjoyed your webinar today. Thanks for sharing your ideas and experience. I’m an American (suburban Philly) and only wish we had Tim Horton’s in our area. We have close friends in Kitchener and always avail ourselves of Timmy’s when we’re there.


    Leigh Jacobs
    NuVoodoo Media Services

    1. Thanks so much Leigh. Glad you liked it. I will wish Timmie’s wishes for you. 🙂

  5. Hello Annie,

    May I please have permission to copy a photo of you and link it to your site, https://lovestats.wordpress.com?

    I think your site is a tremendous resource. If this interests you I will plan on presenting a Storify about your work and Tweet about it to drive traffic your way.

    Best Regards,



  6. I love your blog and your tweets. You are incredibly interesting and inspirational to a young girl making her way in the market research world 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!

  7. Wow. I read your resume with great interest and admiration. I must have something wrong with me!

    1. Funny. I always feel the same way when I read other people’s resumes. One’s own resume never seems as impressive.

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