Thought Leadership

8729a419-8644-4d6b-b9d6-e69fd3f55ea4-1478-00000102bcd10de1_tmpSeven Strategies and Ten Tactics to become a Thought Leader

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Some people have a natural gift that pushes them into Thought Leadership roles. Other people know they want to get there but they need a bit of help. In just 60 pages, this easy to read and practical book gives you 7 strategies and 10 tactics that will help you reach your goal of becoming a thought leader. Learn how to identify your skills, what to focus on, and how to present yourself. And, learn about an array of tactics, from speaking, writing, volunteering, and mentoring, that will get you closer to your goal. Written by someone who’s been frequently touted as a global thought leader in the field of marketing research, the strategies, tactics, and examples are easily accessible to everyone.

Who can benefit from this book?

Do you want to rise the ranks more quickly at work? This book will give you concrete suggestions on things to do that will make your boss take notice of you and your skills.

Are you currently unemployed? This book will explain tactics you can use to get you noticed by recruiters. Learn tips and tricks for getting people to learn and appreciate what your skills are.

Everyone can benefit from this book. You don’t need to aspire to being a Thought Leader to benefit from it. You simply need to want to be better at your job, more informed about your world, or feel more confident about yourself.


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