I offer a variety of market and social research services. You can download my service sheet if you’d like more details. Please use the contact form below if you have questions or don’t see something you need.

  • Write about research: I write white papers, research reports, case studies independently or with your team, in academic or industry style
  • Write blog posts: Generate ideas and write pieces independently, Fine-tune grammar and clarity of posts written by others, Edit half-baked blog posts drafted by others, Theoretical or based on your data
  • Provide general consulting: Advise on research business plans and strategies, research design and methods, sampling, panel, social media research, social media techniques
  • Lead workshops: See ‘Take Classes‘ for more details, In-person half-day or full-day workshops for up to 30 people, Topics include questionnaire design, social media, blogging, writing for business
  • Write eBooks: Academic or casual, From 5 to 500 pages
  • Give webinars: Prepare and present entire presentation or parts thereof under your banner
  • Give keynote addresses: 15 to 60 minute talks about research methods, social media, thought leadership, personal branding. Public or private functions.

In addition to consulting, I freely volunteer my time to support non-profit groups such as ESOMAR, AAPOR, and the ISO TC 225 marketing research standards committee. I also help unemployed marketing researchers buff up their resumes and help underrepresented people gain speaking experience at conferences. If you’d like to ‘pick my brain,’ obtain some really quick business advice, or inquire about my consulting services, please fill out the contact form and I’ll be happy to prepare a customized proposal for you.

You can download my service sheet if you’d like more details.

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