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Tracking the Footprint of the Digital Consumer #ESOMAR #MRX

esomarLive blogging from #ESOMAR Congress 2014 in Nice, France. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Tracking the Footprint of the Digital Consumer: A global benchmark for consumers’ habits across web, mobile, GPS locations and social media by Heather Dougherty, Experian Marketing Services, USA, Maria Domoslawska, Research Now, USA, Mark Canada, nGame, USA

  • IMG_3355We used to think that personalized advertising a la “Minority Report” were crazy but now it’s possible
  • Your device says a lot about who you are, Your social media profile is freely available data that says everything about who you are, it includes your mapping searches, your online shopping, your chatting and liking, and more
  • People can be segmented into bargain seekers, travel seekers, sports enthusiasts, professionals, fashionistas, techies, foodies, luxury people, fitness people
  • Now we can track behaviors on your PC, on your mobile phone, as well as use mobile diaries, GPS devices, apps, and of course surveys
  • They mapped shopping trends over 2.5 years using surveys, web tracking for four different countries.
  • The search terms were the main drivers to help define topics, scope, and time for the two studies.
  • Shopping times peaked around Christmas the most in the UK, then the US and Canada, then Australia
  • In the UK, luxury mattered travel mattered but as shorter and more frequent trips. Australia tended towards much longer trips. Canada traveled the least. USA folks made the most trips.
  • RNEvery hotel attracted a unique type of traveler – need to create unique messaging for each
  • Similar travel apps were used in different countries but they ranked very differently. Communication was always a top concern whether it was a business or leisure trip. This is always a good time for a brand to interact with a consumer.
  • 40% of people said they actually liked the crowds around holiday shopping
  • on biggest retail days, only 4 out of 10 purchases were planned – massive opportunities for retailers to engage with consumers. The early opening hours drove traffic to the stores.
  • Mobile was central to their shopping journey, but the black friday spice was completely different in 2013 compared to 2012, vastly higher shopper in 2013
  • The best time for online communication was thursday in relation to black friday, and monday in relation to cyber monday
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