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How to make friends with ex-friends

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Over the years, I’ve signed up to receive a ton of newsletters by email. I just prefer getting them delivered to my inbox over using an RSS feed or some other aggregator. Recently though, I decided to clean my email box up a bit and focus just on the newsletters that I was actually reading and enjoying. And did I ever learn a lot about unsubscribing. The options range from very friendly to very unfriendly.

  1. “Manage your subscriptions here”: This option at the bottom of the newsletter made me feel like the author was deliberately trying to hide the fact that you COULD unsubscribe. Perhaps if they didn’t say the word, no one would actually unsubscribe. Bad.
  2. “Sign in to unsubscribe”: Another tactic was making me login to an account which I had created years ago and long since forgotten and could no longer access. Bad.
  3. “Do not reply” email addresses: Are you kidding me? You sent me an email newsletter and you won’t even read what I email back to you? And when I try to email you back, you send me another email apologizing for not reading it and telling me that you aren’t reading this one either? Bad.
  4. Reply with an unsubscribe: Finally an option where i could just reply and type the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line or body and someone would actually act on it for me. Better.
  5. “Click here to unsubscribe” and chat with me: A few newsletters gave what seemed to be a one click option but I still had to identify which newsletter I wanted to be unsubscribed from.  Well, how about the newsletter I just clicked in from? Better.
  6. “Click here to unsubscribe”: This is the only way to do it. Any newsletter should always have a very clear one click option. It should say “click here to unsubscribe” and as soon as I click on it, I should be unsubscribed. No logins, no explanations, just unsubscribe me. This is how to make friends with me even though i’m breaking it off BEST!

I guess all i’m asking is for a little respect. In this age of too much email and too much spam, make it just a little bit easier for me to clean up my inbox. Please.

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