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Driving Growth at Research Companies, a Honomichl Preview: Larry Gold, Beth Rounds #CASROmanage #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the CASRO Management Conference in Chicago. All posts appear within minutes after the speaker has finished. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.


  • A copy of the Honomichl Top 50 US MR Rankings for everyone [but not till after the talk or no one would be listening 🙂 ]
  • 39 years ago, MR had little recognition, little brand recognition, little cohesion of the industry
  • Jack wanted to bring everyone together by creating the top 50 list, express the critical value of the industry to the advertising and marketing community
  • What is the top 50? it used to be the top 25, companies did not want to reveal their secrets, their revenue. So top 25 was able to grow to top 100
  • Includes rankings by US revenue, organic growth rates, international revenue, number of US employees
  • This year top 50 rankings
    • same players among top 10 – ipsos moved up to 3, IMS moved down to8
    • New players – YouGov, StrategyOne, CMB, Link Group
    • Retired players – Synovate, C&R Research, Peryam & Kroll, POS (some choose not to be a part of the list even though they would be on the list)
    • Changing players – 29 higher, 9 lower, 8 same (vs 2010).
  • Total revenue – 9.2 billion, increase of 5.2%, which is better than last years 2.9%
  • Total growth – 1.6% in 2008, -3.7% in 2009, 4.7% in 2010, 5.1% in 2011; syndicated are less affected due to multi-year contracts
    • Big growth – ABT SRBI 47%; Comscore 45%, Affinova 45%, Strategy One 40%, Communispace 27%
    • Large losers – Kantar and Ipsos/Synovate at 0%, GFK USA -5%
  • Revenue outside US is 56% of total revenue
    • Biggest – Nielsen, Kantar, Ipsos, GFK
    • Other large ones – YouGov, IMS, Market Probe, Dunnhumby, Harris Interactive
  • Total US revenue from market research work
    • Trad research $10.5 billion
    • Advisory/report services $4.2 billion
    • Federal govt $5.6 billion
    • Additional $0.5 billion
    • Total $20.8 billion
  • Leadership
    • 36 CEOs have graduate education, 7 PhD, 17 MBA, 10 Masters, 2 JD/APC; mostly business people not researchers
    • Average age 53, ranging from 37 to 71
    • 43 male, 7 female
    • 38 000 FT employees (7.9% increase over 2010)
  • Revenue increase of $403 million in face of weak economy; but if we eliminate the 3 companies that do most of their business with the govt, the net growth is 0.5%; There is still some weakness in the MR industry
  • Qual research is often underestimated but they did their best to estimate and include it. Now they’re trying to estimate and include DIY as well.
  • Don’t include data collection or panel companies, it’s only full service company or it would serve as double counting. But more and more of these companies are selling direct to end users so they may start to rank these companies separately.
  • So far this year, first quarter is showing good growth but second quarter has slowed
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