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StreetInspiration: The reality of life by Steven Van der Kruit #ACEI_CO #InvestigAction #MRX

… Live blogging from Bogoto, Colombia, any errors are my own, any comments in [] are my own…

ACEI Bogoto Colombia

Para leer esto en español, por favor, copie pegarlo en Google. Una mala traducción es mejor que ninguna traducción.  http://translate.google.com

  • Scientific knowledge since the 1990 has increased 10 fold, and by 2030 it will be 100 times
  • the internet here is amazing compared to 5 years ago, but the roads remain full of holes
  • we are living in times of the biggest technological progress ever
  • Marketers are disconnected – spend 95% of their time in the office, much primary information is older than 6 months, most of what we think is true isn’t
  • generalizations and stereotypes make us forget about the exceptions – this wine goes with this meat… well, not all the time
  • whenever you’re given a choice, why not take both
  • a trend is the end result of fundamental change that influences our global business/life, starts in silence and by getting momentum, it travels many borders [sigh, we didn’t need to make a trend of wearing your pants half-way down]
  • It’s all about the process of change, not the trends
  • 80% of all trends originate in 12 cities in the world – biggest one is london, tokyo, and then new york
  • 3 principles: go where the fun/danger/action/pain is, go to one of the 12 towns, never go to the center of the city, don’t go to where Lonely Planet says to go, interview 2000 people but not just as a regular interview
  • pictures of artwork, crafts, toys, graffiti, advertising, vehicle decoration gives you many ideas about trends to come
  • the underworld is the upperworld now
  • traditional trend tools include intuition, foresighting, analytical, monitoring, condensing skills and “guruism”
  • the new trends tools are pattern recognition, algorithms, fast data transmission
  • “if your photographs aren’t good enough you’re not close enough” Robert Capa
  • computers analyze trends among hundreds of thousands of photographs
  • cars generate a lot of trends, as does the World Expo
  • 300 000 pictures are better than words, let the streets talk… the art, graffiti, the visible culture
  • every picture gets tagged with 6 or so words, then track the words to see which ones are increasing, decreasing and you’ve got the hint of a trend
  • you can also run a colour analysis and see if new colours are appearing over time more/less often, e.g., seafoam green suddenly popping up everywhere
  • for some people, the future is 2 weeks away or 2000 years away
  • highest order of change 4/4/4/40 rule…. 4 minutes without oxygen and you’re dead, 4 hours without protection or you’re dead, 4 days without water and you’re dead, and 40 days without food or you’re dead — everything political is related to this
  • what is energy was free? what if all water was salt-free and free,
  • measure what you do, but measure the right number. Don’t measure what your gas cost, measure how much you used. Don’t measure how much you ate, measure how many calories.
  • why waste water in fabric softeners and detergent when we are using water faster than it is being replaced. we aren’t measuring the right things
  • trends in the making – longer life, up-cycling, space travel, slower life
  • the treasure hunt model – gold, silver, timber cocoa, sugar are the path to power
  • the path to democracy used to be colonies, war, religion; now it’s empowerment
  • the future will be all about energy, water, food
  • things to do: think global, not national; understand what the world likes; focus on infrastructure; empower the poor with technology; travel
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