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@HP, @Sony and Halo #Neuroscience Changing Headset Industry

HP, Sony and Halo Neuroscience are making waves in the headset industry, with several news announcements in recent days. HP broke the news on Monday that they’ll adding to their core Z4 desktop line.The company is aiming to reach virtual reality (VR) creators with the introduction of Intel’s Core X series of processors, which is the most powerful processor available for consumers. The Core X’s processing power will help draw VR creators to the company’s line of desktops.

HP also announced their Windows Mixed Reality headset.The computer manufacturer will allow consumers to customize their desktop with the 18-core Core i9-7980XE. ECC memory is supported up to 256GB. There are also options to drop down to an eight-core processor if you don’t need all that power in a desktop.

HP has been quiet on the pricing of their desktops, but a starting price of $1,499 has been rumored for the cheapest models. Consumers hoping to buy their powerful PC from HP will need to wait until March to be able to add in the new customization options.

The company’s mixed reality headset is seeing the addition of a “pro version.” The version has washable face pads and also swappable face pads. The virtual reality headset will also be released in March.

HP claims their new headset is geared towards a professional environment, where users are interacting with the system for longer periods of time.The headset offers double padding options that add comfort to long span users. Outside of the added comfort and replaceable pads, the mixed reality headset is the same as the non-professional addition.

Sony has also announced that the company will be releasing their new edition of the Gold Wireless Headset. The headset is geared towards the gaming community, with compatibility for mobile devices and the PS VR.

Sony is following the same concept as HP, focusing primarily on comfort with their Gold headset. The headset is geared towards gamers that enjoy long gaming sessions. The headset focuses on comfort and performance, with 7.1 virtual surround sound options and hidden microphones.

There’s also a companion app which unlocks the headset’s power further. The app will allow for a more customized listening experience so that gamers can adjust how the headset sounds. Sony has not released further details on the Gold headset or where the headset will be available. The headset will likely be available at most retail outlets, but will not be available at online retailers, such as headsetplus.com, that focus on headsets for professionals rather than gamers.

Halo Neuroscience is taking a completely different stance to headsets with their brain-stimulating model. The company offers the Halo Sport neurostimulator headset, which is designed to help users improve muscle memory development and promote brain elasticity. The headset’s manufacturer just announced a $13 million Series B funding round, which will help fund the company’s future development.

Elastic foam nibs offer what the company calls a “Neuropriming” session. The company claims that the headset delivers pulses of energy into the brain’s motor cortex. Users are encouraged to wear the headset for 20 minutes a session, after which their brain will be better able to learn an activity.

Strength and endurance athletes are the target market of the company, which focuses on muscle memory. Musical learning is also benefitted after a session of neuropriming.

The company was founded in 2013 and was started with a group of neuroscientists interested in neurostimulation. Initial results show that wearers experienced better results than those that didn’t use the headset when comparing leg strength.The company’s headset is even being tested for how it can help stroke victims during rehabilitation.

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Charles Dickens Interviews the Author of “The Listen Lady” #MRX

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

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I can’t believe my good fortune. After I released my interview with Dr. Seuss just a couple of days ago,  Charles Dickens was eager to also read the Listen Lady and interview me. Here is the transcript of our conversation.


Mr. Dickens: If any one were to ask me what in my opinion was the dullest and most stupid spot on the face of the Earth, I should decidedly say not The Listen Lady.

Ms. Pettit: That’s a real honour to hear coming from you. I worked really hard to   make my characters Crystal and Brooke believable and interesting as teacher and student of social media research. Placing the story inside a bakery was fun as well. I think I’ve visited every bakery in Toronto so I know all the delicious and interesting things about research and baking. Writing it all into a story was the hard part.

Mr. Dickens: The difficulty of writing English is most tiresome to me.

Ms. Pettit: You’ve written at least fifteen novels so I can understand that you might be tired of it. Right now, you’re quite overdue for a new book so you must have something really wonderful in the pipeline. Anyways, this is only my first book about social media measurement so I’m certainly not tired of writing yet. .

listen lady social media research

Mr. Dickens: I am the only child of parents who weighed, measured, and priced everything; for whom what could not be weighed, measured, and priced, had no existence.

Ms. Pettit: That explains why you liked the book! If you grew up with measurement, then this is definitely the book for you. The Listen Lady is all about measurement, particularly the common errors associated with measurement. Once you get into the nitty-gritty of social media research, you can see just how skills-based it is. Like any research method, it looks easy on the outside, but once the measurement is in your hands, you can see just how difficult it is. I suspect you have only a little bit of experience with social media so this application would have been very new to you.

Mr. Dickens: No man can form an adequate idea of the real meaning of the word, without coming here. 

Ms. Pettit: That is high praise. Given your experience with social media and the fact that you don’t have a confirmed Twitter account or Facebook page, I feel good knowing that even someone with no background can learn from the book. Business owners, marketers, and even famous authors like yourself can learn about social media research in an easy to understand way.

Mr. Dickens: O let us love our occupations, Bless the squire and his relations, Live upon our daily rations, And always know our proper stations. 

Ms. Pettit: That’s for sure. I’m lucky to be in a position where I love the work that I do and have a group of people around who make it possible for me to spend my free time writing and writing and writing. It’s been a true pleasure speaking with you sir.


facebookThe Listen Lady is available on Amazon.com, and on Smashwords if you’d like an ebook version. Like TheListenLady fan page on Facebook to get the latest news on availability and stay tuned for more info! (No, I was not REALLY interviewed by Dr. Seuss. Check the facts jack.)

(Yes, I really WAS interviewed by Charles Dickens. And, if you recognize the source of all of his questions without searching them on the internet, I’m very impressed!)

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