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Shh… The Secrets of Spammers Revealed

no spam!

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I have a dilemma.

For some strange reason, one of the things I love most about my work in social media research is eradicating spam from data. I get a high from watching record counts decrease, not increase, because I know when I look in the spam catcher, it will be full of the right stuff. Free drugs, fake celebrity tapes, twitter bots. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Me need more spam.

There’s one thing that I would love to share with you but I can’t. I would love to tell you all the nasty secrets and tricks that the team at Conversition has learned to identify and kill it. I’d love to show you what screams out to us, “This is spam!” But I can’t. Because if I show you, then I show the spammers and I can’t stay ahead of them if I give out my secrets.

So in the meantime, take pleasure in my pleasure. Spam may knock on our door but the door is triple bolted and eight giant-toothed dogs are barking fiercely behind it.


Researchers Discover The Sixth Sense #MRX

Polish style pickled cucumber

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Taste, scent, sight, sound, and feelings. There’s five right off the bat.  Researchers cover these five senses quite thoroughly in surveys, focus groups, and social media research.

Do these chips really smell like dill pickle? Are they too salty?  Do they look golden brown? Do they make a satisfying crunch sound when you bite into them? Do they feel greasy? Continue reading →

Six things that terrify me in market research #mrx

1) Graphing the mean, median, and mode for a research audience and worrying that people won’t know the difference
2) Having to explain why RDD is not a true random sample
3) Opening a survey link and seeing typos in the very first sentence
4) Surveys with 5 grid questions, each of which is 20 items long
5) Tiny toddlers dressed as researchers begging at my door for candy
6) Social media research conducted without regard for sampling, weighting, data quality and validity


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Research, MeSearch, WeSearch, YouSearch by Dr. Seuss

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No box, no form.
Just write and inform.
It’s fun! It’s swell!
They love to tell!

What do I do?
What do I say?
I run the numbers
All the day!

Millions, billions
Trillions, gazillions!
Oh, give me more!
Oh, let me store!

Good brands, bad brands
I run them all.
Which one of them
Will take the fall?

Did it happen
No big whoop,
For I will say.

Which brands go up
Which brands go down
I’ll tell you where
And when and how

You just write
And I just listen
SM research
We now do christen

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