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Annie’s Big Giant List of Market Research Blogs

I was fussing around with my RSS reader today, cleaning out the blogs that haven’t posted in a year or that never really caught my interest. I realized that the end result might be of interest to folks who are wondering whether there are any good marketing research, data, statistics, charts, neuroscience, etc blogs out there. The answer is yes! Enjoy!

Association for Survey Computing
Blog – Experts in Qualitative Research
Data Science 101
Abbott Research
Accelerant Research
Acuity Eyetracking Blog
The Ad Contrarian
Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
Big Think
Blackbeard Blog
Affectiva Blog
Voices of CMB: The Chadwick Martin Bailey Research Blog
The Visual Linguist
Exponential Blog
GfK Insights Blog
Joel Rubinson on Marketing Research
L&E Blog
Lightspeed Blog
Luminoso Blog
Market Research Blog
MRII | Marketing Research Institute International
MSW Research Blog
Pureprofile Blog
qSample Blog
SurveyAnalytics Blog
CSC Blogs
Forrester Blogs
Qualitative Research Cafe
BPS Research Digest
Brian Juicer Blog
Business Over Broadway
Canadian Viewpoint
Chandoo.org – Learn Excel & Charting Online
Chart Porn
Chief Customer Officer 2.0
Cogs & Marvel
Curiously Persistent
Dariusz Galasinski
Data ColadaData Colada
Eye Faster
FiveThirtyEightFiveThirtyEight | Politics
Greenlight Insights
IAB Canada
I Love Charts
InterQ Research
Junk Charts
Numbers Rule Your World
Qualitative Research
KL Communications, Inc.
Koert Bakker
Learn and Teach Statistics and Operations Research
The LoveStats Blog
LRW Blog – Turning Insight into Impact
Marketing Research Association
Math with Bad Drawings
My Research Rants
Not awful and boring examples for teaching statistics and research methods
Psychological Statistics
Question Science
Sampling and choosing cases in qualitative research: a realist approach
Research and Reflect
Research Design Review
RW Connect
SayWhat Consumer Research
MarketingSherpa Blog
SmartData Collective – The World’s Best Thinkers on Data
Sociological Methods & Research recent issues
Snarketing 2.0
StandPoint Group
Survata Blog
Researchscape Posts
The Advertising Research Foundation
Qualitative Research
Sociological Images
This is Statistics
YouGov US Opinion Center News
Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist
Touchstone Research Blog
Latest blog entries
Kantar.com News Feed
WhatUsersDo Blog
Latest Research from ABI Research
AdWeek: AdFreak
Adweek : Advertising Branding
The Market Research Blog from B2B International
Blog – Behavioraleconomics.com | The BE Hub
Big Data Made Simple
Branding Strategy Insider
Brand Quarterly
Brian Solis
B2B Research
Corona Insights
Crimson Hexagon
Data Science Association blogs
Featured Posts – DataViz
DC’s Improbable Science
DigitalMR m
E3S European Sensory Science Society
Everyday Sociology Blog
Putting people first
Statistical Thinking
All Gallup Headlines
G&R: Advertising Research & Consulting
HCD Research
Information Marketing Association
Insights Association
UX Daily – User Experience Daily
Interactive Video Productions
Ipsos Knowledge and Ideas
MarketingProfs: Research
MRS What’s New
Multivariate Solutions
Naftali Harris: Statistician, Hacker, and Climber
NatCen Social Research
Paul Long’s Market Research Blog
Paul Olyslager
Pew Research Center » Topics » Social Media
Pew Research Center
Predictive Analytics Times
Q Research Solutions
Forum: Qualitative Social Research
Qualtrics Blog
Research – Government affairs
Research – Latest news
Market Research Training from Research Rockstar
Research Through Gaming
RetailCustomerExperience.com News
Influential Marketing
Ruby Cha Cha
Sentient Decision Science
Sklar Wilton
Social Media Research Foundation
StatsLife – Significance magazine
SurveyGizmo – Online Surveys, Polls, & Landing Pages
The Analysis Factor
The insights guy.
Versta Research Blog
Blog Posts
Vocal Laboratories Inc. blogs
Vox – Science of Everyday Life
Polling: Political Polls & Surveys – The Washington Post
Wooldridge Associates
Datafloq Read Blog Posts
Customer Experience Matters®
Insights about Insights
The Lipstick Economy
Latema’s Blog
New Research Speakers Club
Random Domain Intercept Technology | RIWI
RTi Research
RW Connect
Sweet Insight Blog
Branding Strategy Insider
Illume blog
Kelton Global
People For Research

It’s Here! Twitterversity is Here! #MRXU

Oh, it’s an exciting day for sure!! Twitterversity has arrived and if you follow the hashtag #MRXU on twitter, you’ll be able to listen in and participate in a day long discussion of market research methods, questions, and answers. Continue reading →

Twitterversity: It’s University in Pajamas! #MRX

Remember the good old days in university? Skipping class because it’s raining outside… Sitting at the back of class so you could doze off a little bit…

Well, next Tuesday January 11th is your opportunity to make up for all of that! Join Kathryn Korostoff, aka @ResearchRocks for an entire day of market research education via twitter. It’s the first ever University on Twitter and you can do it all without leaving the comfort of your pajamas! Continue reading →

MRA Boston Day 2 – More good stuff!

[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]The weather was gray and dreary today but with the MRA schedule, it was nothing but a great day. It started, of course, with breakfast and while there was no bacon, there were blueberry blintzes. I’ve never had them before but it was a like a party in my mouth and everyone was invited.
Blueberry blitzes mmmmm dessert for breakfast :) #MRA_AC  on Twitpic

First up was the general membership meeting. It seemed that half of the audience was the board of directors, all of whom sat in the seats that no one ever sits in – the front row seats. I was prepared for boring and dull but the in fact, they managed to keep the meeting light and only highlighted the tidbits of info that would be interesting to most people. During this meeting, next year’s board of directors was duly sworn in. I was quite amused that they are now required to obey the standards of the MRA. Because they weren’t before? 🙂

Next up was Adenia Cooper from McDonalds. She was absolutely hilarious. Hecklers, people who refused to try Angus burgers, and McDonalds fans alike were all given, or thrown, gifts. The audience couldn’t help but laugh along with her as she shared what McDonalds has learned about speaking to consumers who represent different ethnic groups. Truly a fun and informative presentation.

I attended Aaron Reid’s presentation called In Defense of Marketing. He showed some great BBC video of birds including some who did the most incredible dances and the most incredible sound mimicry – camera sounds, car sounds, music sounds. The point? That every aspect of your life is a marketing experience. The way you dress, speak, move is your attempt to market yourself to other people. Even more interesting, and really reaching the psychologist in me, was the recognition that these types of behaviours are interpreted by others almost completely unconsciously. Which means any time you market a product, there are reasons, far from logical, causing people to purchase it. Watch the whole video. It’s amazing!

Then came the networking lunch. The intent was good I think, but in the end, we ended up chatting with each other as we might have at any other table. So the blue rope separating the “networkers” from the “regular people” didn’t seem to make much difference. But that was ok. Lunch was a tasty salad, with cheese ravioli, and caramel mousse. Yum!
Do not cross the line! One side networking, one side everyone... on Twitpic

After lunch came a session by Kathryn Korostoff, @ResearchRocks, in which she talked about ways of making people actually USE research results. She actually made me think of ways of sharing research results that I had never considered before. Why not videotape yourself presenting results so that other clients who weren’t at the presentation can watch too! Why not start the presentation with a quick quiz that you developed based on the results of the research? Good stuff!
Kathryn speaks. Pretend you're here. #MRA_AC  on Twitpic

Finally, I attended the presentation by Bernie Malinoff, @BernieMalinoff, and Jeffrey Henning, @JHenning, about using rich media in surveys. This is the kind of research on research that tickles my fancy. Forget whether the research is about soap or cars or banking. What is it about HOW the questions were placed on the page that affects the answers. There were tons of interesting factoids in the presentation so be sure to have a look at it when it goes public (i assume it will!).

It's a tweetup before the tweetup! #MRA_AC  on Twitpic

Who ended up with Conversition shirts today? These folks!
Watch out for @Jhenning wearing the @tweetfeeldotcom shirt. #... on Twitpic Here is my hero! @SpychResearch saved the day. Did YOU say th... on Twitpic

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  • University of Twitter

    Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

    Image via CrunchBase

    Hi, my name is Annie and I’m a Twitteraholic.
    It was barely a month ago that I signed up for twitter. In the beginning, I had no clue what to say or do. I tweeted about things I was interested in like statistics and charts and didn’t know what else to do. Then, a horrible thing happened. I started to actually read the tweets from other people, follow through their links, and read the articles and blogs they were chatting about. What the? Apparently, there’s an entire world out there besides market research. Wow.
    Social media and tweeting and blogging and sharing information and teaching people about your individuals skills and interests. i can’t believe how much my eyes have been opened in such a short time. It’s a world full of deathly passionate, intensely motivated, and wildly excited people. If you’re an outsider looking in, you’ll probably think they’re a bunch of crazies.
    Unfortunately, I’m one of those crazies now. Catch me on twitter, everyday, all day.

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