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Branded Entertainment? We’ve Got a Stat For That! by Dr. Raymond Pettit, Rentrak, Inc. #ISC2015 #MRX

MRALive blogged from the 2015 MRA Insights & Strategies Conference, June 3-5, 2015 in San Diego. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

  • recall the Seinfeld episode where george’s parents stayed at a hotel and they thought everything was free – the hotel complained after the episode because hotel guests started to ask for macadamia nuts when the hotel didn’t offer those
  • smart brands turn to the content to integrate branding moments
  • it’s broad from passive placement like coke on american idol, organic integration like Seinfeld where the brand is part of the story as in the junior mints episode
  • brands plan across platforms – movie TV and online
  • the mere exposure effect – mere repetition leads to a change in underlying attitudes and responses, proven over and over again, the more familiar we are with something the more we like it
  • implicit processing – 80% of what influences and drives us is not consciously apparent
  • expert systems – technology supports and drives massive changes in measurement possibilities
  • characteristics of branded entertainment – subtle, nuanced, and embedded, it is processed differently than commercials, try to make it part of the character
  • how the brain processes images and sound – seeing and hearing a brand has a multiplicative impact on perceptions and memory
  • celebrities and brand advocates – you can respond to a character, or the actor as a person, the person as an advocate for a brand
  • narrative storyline aesthetics and information theory – compact powerful and efficient way to communicate
  • emotion and meaning – constantly interact
  • predictive analytics – are woefully inadequate, people use surveys in general but branding moments are implicitly processed, people can’t self report because they aren’t really conscious of it
  • branded entertainment and TV audience measurement
  • case studies
  • monster.com and pivot cable – used monster colours on the set, brand name was mentioned, ads on either side of the show; recorded shows with a time stamp, did biometric testing, eye tracking, facial movement, heart rate, skin conducting, also a short survey; branding segments were stronger than the ads, emotional response was higher, and survey showed a pre post difference
  • NBCuniversal and Frozen movie – NBC wanted to measure all the peripheral stuff, not the ads; there were 84 custom content elements to discover total audience reached was 362 million people and $4 million in media value
  • Ellen show – wanted to measure cultural relevance of show, celebrity in the show, the show itself, brands in the show, audience in the theatre, the celebrity host; used implicit association, got 75% return on investment
  • branding moments are important, measurable, and can be optimized
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