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Mum knows best by Child and Boreham, #SoMeMR #li #mrx

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14.00 Mum knows best: How a community approach helped Mothercare connect with mums and mums-to-be

  • How Mothercare used a community approach to extract personal and emotional insights into motherhood in 2011
  • How to optimise long-term engagement to encourage respondents to share their innermost tensions and trepidations
  • Building a strong sense of community with a clear purpose to get the most out of interactions
  • Sharing key learnings from managing and running a community
  • Using insights to understand how Mothercare can respond and cater to the changing needs of mums

Paul Child, Associate Director, Join the Dots
John Boreham, Group Insights and Planning Manager, Mothercare

  • Real people telling real stories is the best part of the community approach
  • Mothercare catalogue study – 150 moms, 5000 comments, 12 months
  • Pramrage – like road rage, but with baby buggies 🙂
  • Wanted to take people to safe place for sharing and collaboration, where mom’s can benefit as well. Moms like the closed circle, not having to give the ‘right’ answer.
  • Brave and patient – Try things and see what works and doesn’t work. It was experimental development of the tool.
  • Hard working – For clients to get buy-in, and moderating/responding/developing relationships/becoming friends. Don’t still stick to ask and answer, become friends.
  • Bite sized – If you don’t get it right, you can always go back. Start with a question or a task and gradually get to a bigger picture.
  • In your hands – It’s in your control. set the agenda, what’s important, where it goes, who you respond to. Or go with what people want to talk about.
  • Techniques – community newsletter with new births and actioned results, match mom to baby photo games, share videos
  • How do you get business stakeholders excited in the business? Most clients haven’t had children. Tell them stories about individual mothers. “Let’s go and ask Julie” was code for we need to ask a real mom. Why is this photo of a pregnant mom showing her NOT wearing our pregnancy clothing but rather a plus sized dress?
  • Get people interested doing “day in the life of”. Gives design team an idea of everything that happens during day and what products might be needed.
  • Let community members post their own question.
  • Members wanted team to celebrate with her, reassure her, advise her
  • Replicate the role of friend and trusted advisor

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