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Dos Equis Vs Valu Home Center: Can you replicate a viral ad?

Dos Equis has managed to pull off an ad that is so popular, people get a chuckle out of doing the voice with their friends and family. Here is one of the original ads.

The success that Dos Equis saw was something that other brands can easily recognize and want to replicate. Valu Home Centers, a hardware store, is one of those brands and here is their attempt to be original in an non-original way.

What do you think? Did Valu succeed in creating a similar feeling with their ad or is it just a failed Dos Equis wanna be?

Old Spice vs Dairy Queen: Can you replicate a viral ad?

The current logo, since 2007

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Old Spice put viral advertising on the map. People loved the series of imaginative commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa and millions upon millions of people watched the ads on YouTube. For those living in a bubble, here is one of the original ads.

The success that Old Spice saw was something that other brands drooled over and desperately want to replicate. Dairy Queen, a restaurant known for good ol’ soft serve ice cream, is one of those brands and here is their attempt to be original in an non-original way.

So what do you think? Did Dairy Queen succeed in creating a similar feeling with their ad or is it just a failed Old Spice wanna be?

You are too old to understand social media so don’t even try

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It’s a phrase I’ve heard numerous times over the last year and frankly, I’m quite tired of it. “We need to get some young people in here who know what social media is.”

Since when is social media for young people? (A certain RP can help me attest to this.) Since when are “old” people who have Phds and 30 years of research experience incapable of learning something new? Since when are “old” people ineligible to be knowledgeable about important data sources?

So, to you old farts and young lazy asses, here is my guide to get you back on track and eligible to speak intelligently about social media.

1) Get a facebook page. Friend at least 20 people including friends and family and colleagues, become fans of at least 20 brands like KFC and Old Spice, join at least 20 groups. Read what people are saying on your page, on the fanpages, on the group pages, and write on other people’s pages. Like their messages, follow their senseless links and watch their stupid videos.

2) Get a twitter account. Follow at least 50 people. Actively participate for at least 2 weeks. Write tweets. Read tweets. Reply to tweets. Click and read the links people share.

3) Visit youtube at least 5 times. Watch the videos that make no sense, that seem inappropriate and offensive. Read the video comments. Leave video comments. Reply to video comments.

4) Find a few blogs that interest you. (You are reading a blog now.) Read them. Comment on them. Ask if you can write a guest post for them.

After following these guidelines for two weeks, you will have a fairly good feel for how people communicate online. You won’t know all the details but at least you’ll know what your colleagues are talking about when they say DM and retweet and buzzup.

To really internalize social media, follow the list religiously for two months. (Then try to quit cold turkey.)

If you keep it up as a part of your everyday routine, you will have part of the qualifications to be a social media researcher. (The others including knowing how to design research and use statistics.) Social media is a share and share alike space. So share.

10 items you must include in every successful list

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  1. An inspiring item for people to use in their retweets
  2. One item everyone can actually understand but cannot be physically accomplished
  3. One item everyone really should do but is completely outside the budget
  4. One item everyone will do because it’s easy though ineffective
  5. One item everyone wishes they could do but can’t because it’s too complicated
  6. One item that everyone already does
  7. One really stupid item that makes the reader feel smarter you
  8. At least one synergistic item that is engaging and leverages story telling using web 2.0
  9. At least one item that references BP, the Old Spice guy, statistics about Octopus Paul, or some other topical item that will get you a lot of hits when you put it in your tag list
  10. A really funny item at the end that will make people retweet and share the list even though it’s as stupid as this list

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