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8 Christmas Gifts for Market Researchers #MRX

This isn’t necessarily my Christmas list but I have to admit a few of these would make me giddy. So, in no particular order, I give you geek gifts for market researchers.

1. Math Clock

mathematics clock

2. Pie Shirt

3.14 pi tshirt

3. Statistics Mug

statistics mug

4. Normal Distribution Ornaments

normal distribution ornament

5. Statistics Apron

statistics apron

6. Statistician Bib

statistician baby bib

7. Made Up Statistics

made up statistics

8. iPhone Cover

statistics iphone cover

Flat Like Your Head

A selection of Normal Distribution Probability...

Image via Wikipedia

I have a problem. Anytime I think of the word platykurtic, I immediately think of this cartoon. I saw it many times as a youngster and for some reason always got a big kick out it. Now, the fact that platykurtic kind of sounds like FLATykurtic which describes the flat nature of a platykurtic normal curve makes it easy for me to remember that a platykurtic curve is a flatykurtic curve. I think that’s pretty clear so enjoy the cartoon yourself.

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