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Conference Speakers Wearing Heart Rate FitBits at #AAPOR #Wearables

Everyone says they get nervous when they speak but how do you know who’s just saying it and who actually is nervous? Well, welcome to Fitbit. Ever since I got my Fitbit, I could easily tell from the heartrate monitor exactly what was happening in my life.  Three days before a conference, my heartrate would start increasing. Once I arrived, my sleep was disrupted. And when I actually spoke, my heartrate went nuts.

Today, Josh put his Fitbit chart online so I figured, ah, what the heck, I can do that that too. And when I asked for more volunteers, Jessica offered hers as well.  Feel free to send YOUR heartrate chart to me and I’ll add it here. Enjoy!

Annie / LoveStats

Annie / @LoveStats. My 25 minute walk to the hotel started with a high heartrate and then leveled off as I settled in at the hotel. But as soon as it was my turn to present, you’d think I was out jogging again!

Josh De La Rosa @JoshDelaRosa1

Josh De La Rosa / @JoshDelaRosa1. Lovely peak when Josh spoke which almost instantly dropped as soon as he finished speaking.


Jessica Holzberg / @jlholzberg  “apparently my evening out got my heart rate up more than my pre-presentation jitters :)”


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