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Big Data and the Dawn of Algorithms in Everything by Dr. Morten Middelfart, Social Quant, Inc. #ISC2015 #MRX

MRALive blogged from the 2015 MRA Insights & Strategies Conference, June 3-5, 2015 in San Diego. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

  • has been a professional programmer since the age of 14
  • Wrote “Calm – computer aided leadership and management”
  • Level 1 – access to information; Level 2 – speed; LEvel 3 – autonomy of removing human from equation
  • Maersk is the biggest container shipping company in the world, they could tell their client exactly where their container was to the millisecond in the 90s. Then they wanted to tell you where an item within the container is but there was too much data to go through and easily process.
  • built software that used menu driven programming in 2002
  • level 2 was speed from 2005 to 2014 – access to data is now a commodity
  • what is excellence in management and leadership and how can we apply computing to do more and better like that
  • John Boyd is the father at the Top Gun school – concept called OODA loop – loop of observation, orientation, decision, action. Found a way to make planes a lot faster.
  • what tools can we used in each of these areas, how do we communicate each of these
  • orientation is analytics, simulation, data mining
  • observation is dashboards, reporting, agents
  • action is storyboard, communication, workflow
  • decision is search for additional knowledge
  • is there data we don’t’ want to analyze? why are you collecting data if you aren’t analyzing it
  • analytics and reporting must be completely integrated
  • each team in an organization must cycle these loops
  • OODA loop includes strategic, tactical and operational levels
  • the stealth bomber can’t be run by people because it is far too fast, if the computer breaks, the plane crashes, you get manoeuvrability that is impossible with a human pilot, it is essentially invisible. Human decision making isn’t fast enough
  • if you shut down your power for two months, which organizations would survive? we can’t go back to pen and paper anymore. We are already in the seat of the stealth bomber.
  • [i always think, in ten years from now we’ll look back at our innovative technologies and think they’re hilariously old]
  • now we have a lot of external data that is free, 90% of world’s data has been created in the last 2 years. any small percentage of the data is garbage, but the amount of relevant data is outside your company. What is its availability, quality?
  • if you clean garbage data, its still garbage data.
  • Kevin Slavin – How algorithms shape our world, a TED talk – talks about locations of stock companies so that they are physically closer to the cables to save milliseconds of processing time

  • why do you need a dashboard? let the computer tell you if when something is wrong [hell yeah!]
  • if you aren’t using algorithms, assume all of your competitors are. it’s not scifi. it is mainstream media.
  • how can you use computing to accelerate ourselves, not replacing, doing it differently.
  • SocialQuant startup – don’t ask what you want, have computer tell you what you want,
  • Eli Pariser: beware online filter bubbles – TED talk, there’s a risk that whenever you ask a computer to show you something, it will always give you junk food, maybe it needs to show you things that aren’t what you want

  • do you trust technology so much you’d bet your life on it – cars, planes, trains – can you trust google to show you the world? are ten results the truth? we generally believe it
  • do we trust facebook to take what is relevant about all our friends and put it into one stream
  • only 1 in 4 people are helped by cancer drugs, only 25% get a life prolonging effect, chemo by default is not a good choice
  • when its a confined game, rules are set, computer will win every time
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