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Achieving success in the mobile revolution by Tom Webster #CASRO #MRX

Live blogged in Nashville. Any errors or bad jokes are my own. Any typos are purely the fault of the ipad. [Peace and love to Gina.]

by Tom Webster

[I love Tom’s work. Delighted to be at one of his talks!]

Edison research does the exit polls for CNN, they have interviewers all across the nation waiting outside the polls. we need to understand the mobile human.

mobile is not a phone. it’s mobile behaviour. business used to be the butcher knew your name and kept a tab and they knew what cut of meat you wanted. remember Norm from Cheers, everyone always knew his name, they yelled his name, he never takes out his wallet, there’s always a beer at his seat, and no one is ever in ‘his’ seat.

[Hey Tom, don’t say you don’t understand numbers!]

It’s not about the phone. Giant outdoor concert, lollapalooza. everyone had a wristband. sold a lot more beer that way. let people forget about their phones.

Buckee’s is a convenience store/gas chain in texas. they thought about mobil humans. no phone strategy. they thought about number one need. the bathroom. they built palatial restrooms. they are cleaned every ten minutes. you will ‘hold it’ to get to their store. that’s a mobile strategy – think about the mobile human

How do we make our customers feel like ‘Norm.’

There is a huge gap.when people search for a brand online, it wasn’t a search. it was capturing a brand you already knew you wanted to buy because your friend said it was awesome not because you saw a google search ad. Google gets credit for things that are offline social transactions.

we rarely measure things on the same scale – billboards, banner ads, audio, podcasts, how do you compare these.

what solves the gap? our mobile device which is with us when we are online and offline. it is the common point. expands how we think of mobile research and surveys.

[Tom is a great speaker! Good off the cuff humour. 🙂 ]

Tesla really doesn’t have dealers or places to try their car. Most of what you know is from social. And most people DO know about Tesla. WHen he test drove the car, they could have asked him did he like the car, would he buy or recommend the car. but all they did was say thank you. they could have gathered so much information in that ‘mobile moment’ but they didn’t. they lost that opportunity.

Follow the humans – that’s the key.what tare they doing. what are their problems. where are the frictions in their transactions. can we use mobility to alleviate that. starbucks mobile app was designed by people watching humans. while you wait for coffee, you are on your phone texting tweeting snap chatting. people have to put their phone away to make their transaction. well why not just let them stay on their phone instead of shuffling through all their stuff to find their wallet. the app may be old school with a barcode but it works on every single device.

Torchy Taco – wanted to overhaul mobile app. wanted people order online. they are not a delivery service. people like to call ahead and pick up their order. They watched some of their humans. many people ordered while in their car on their way home from work. [PLEASE don’t text and drive] . They took mobile payment out of it. its just an ordering device. they don’t want people entering credit card while driving. the order system is ‘thumbable.’ really easy to click with just your thumb. it’s easy to click and buy taco, taco, taco. Our humans are driving so it needs to be easy. everyone logs in using facebook. no need to log into Torchy’s.

Every Dell server, on the back, has a QR code that goes directly to mobile documentation for that device. those people are on their hands and knees not at a desk.

get into the mobile mindset. this data is in your server logs. It’s kind of trivia. Intuit looked at their server logs to see which specific pages get more mobile access than other pages. found accountants did ‘accounting’ at their desk. but training was done at off moments on the bus in transit. so training files were completely mobile optimized, not just mobile better. this is just by looking at server logs. No “Insight-a-tron” 🙂

Get people at the point of sale. could be online or offline. every table at chilis has a kiosk for ordering or games. you can pay on it too. when you pay, it gives you a two question survey. way better than a comment card left on the table.

he hates the question – where did you hear about us. the drop box answers are often ‘friend.’ how do you increase your ‘friend’ budget as a marketer. better is to ask why did you choose us. point of sale is a great place to ask this.

COnsumer exit polls. entering or exiting a business is the perfect place to gather information. you can do a phone survey later but the response rate won’t be as high.

Taxonomies – you are never offline even when you are offline. new life for billboards, kiosks, radio. everyone offline moment is now an online moment. you can build on online following using offline methods – eg a billboard showing a twitter address.

You don’t want a mobile payment device for chips. you want a mobile device to enable chip eating – movies, football, drinking.

Mobile has killed the bar bet. anyone can find out anything on line. we don’t want to be cliff. we want to be norm. we want a one to one relationship. he uses Level Up to pay for everything. no transaction fees, loyalty programs built in. [is this an offline or online transaction? 🙂 ]

The Mobile Commerce Revolution is Tom’s book. [Everyone at CASRO get a free signed book. Insert YAY here 🙂 ]

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