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Where are the millennials of market research?

Over the last year, every research conference I’ve attended has asked the same question: Where are the millennials? 

The speaker stands proudly on stage, waves their arms across the audience and asks millenials to stand up or raise their hands or somehow make themselves known. In most cases, three or four people are recognized and we ooooh and aaaah over this stunning bit of revelation. There are no millennials in our industry! How depressing!

Where are the millennials? Why aren’t we attracting them into our wonderful industry? Is our industry so dull and out of touch that we’re dying of old age? Have we doomed our industry to failure?

Well, I’ll tell you where the millennials are.  They’re back at the office. They’re managing projects, pulling sample, testing questionnaire links, answering respondent complaints, fulfilling incentives, and doing all sorts of necessary day to day tasks.  My office is full of millennials. 

Where are the millenials? Not at conferences.  Not learning about all the new techniques being worked on. Not bing impressed with all the great things we have to offer. 

Perhaps it’s time we teach and train and inspire the millennials in our many offices by sending them to a conference once a year. Then I wouldn’t have to hear that question yet again. 


Innovation for insights into the Millennial Moms’ Online Shopping by Annie Iverson and John Williamson #Qual360 #MRX

Live blogging from the Qual360 conference in Toronto, Canada. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.qual360

Leveraging innovation for richer insights into the Millennial Moms’ Online Shopping experience 
Annie Iverson, Associate Director, US Customer Insights, Mead Johnson Nutrition
John Williamson, President & Founder, 24tru
  • Project is called “Molly Johnson” and in this project her persona is shopping online, gives a voice to the mom
  • Wanted to use research to bridge partnership with major retailers like target or babies ‘r’ us
  • A big quant survey wasn’t going to work – they wanted to understand how molly uses her phone to shop, what problems does she face trying to access websites
  • qual side was 24 moms of baby category, used videos to capture journey and captured screen at the same time, quant side was 300 moms
  • Client is the smartest person in the room when it comes to their brand, knows all the background research, all the players, all the historic info [hear hear!]
  • Moms had 7 days to do 7 tasks – tell me about yourself, tell me how you shop, go shop for formula (probably her own brand), go shop for a specific humidifier (probably doesn’t know this brand)
  • New they needed to have moms look for something that hadn’t looked for before to see how they really shop, as opposed to just getting something they always get
  • Qual would fill in all the gaps left by quant
  • How does she start shopping? Majority start online, small minority start offline, many of them search online and then decide which retailer they will visit to actually buy it
  • Many shoppers go directly to their favourite online retailer but others start with a google search
  • Discounts to encourage mothers to purchase more, even if it’s only 10% off
  • If an item is expensive or unfamiliar, she wants to see it in store – touch it, feel the fabric, see the label in person the first time
  • Powerful for retailers to watch moms shopping on their website and pointing out likes and dislikes
  • Dollar savings – where is the low price, but shipping is huge, having to spend a certain amount before you get free shipping is annoying, manufacturers coupons may not be usable on a retailer website
  • Opportunity savings – don’t waste time traveling to store, can learn about all the products right away online, learn about products without running to ten different stores, point and click purchasing and you get it in 2 days
  • Barriers – too many departments to search, no reviews, no pictures
  • Retailers can make results searchable by brand, video reviews are much liked, have a good list of products at the front – shirts, pants, shoes, diapers – not “boy or girl”

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