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When The Future Begins – A Guide to Long-Term Thinking by Magnus Lindkvist #FOCI14 #MRX

Live blogging from the #FOCI14 conference in Universal City. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.foci14

When The Future Begins – A Guide to Long-Term Thinking 

  • B2B really means brain to brain 🙂
  • in 1800 it took 6 weeks to move an idea from chicago to new york
  • today, anyone can go anywhere within 47 hours, or 47 seconds if you use email
  • time lag is our best friend today, it makes intention easy, R&D = rip off and duplicate
  • cities used to look completely different and now they all have the same style of fancy modern buildling, they all look and feel like downtown LA
  • business have done the same, ten years ago phones looked a little different, today all the phones look they same – same size, same shape, same colour – of course market research firms are all different [funny guy!]
  • annual return on assets has declined over time, don’t look at equity because that can be manipulated
  • if everyone has the same skill level, luck would have a large role. swimmers win by 1/1000 of a second. this is luck.  We have free checkin. Oh yeah, we also have free wifi. Oh yeah, we also have free fitness.
  • Improvements are really magic – when people started to live longer, when children lived beyond 5 years
  • a lot of technology is fun or new, but certainly not magic
  • do we make magic?
  • IKEAfication – technology when it’s new is fun and sexy, technology needs to become boring to change the world, technology needs to become invisible and nameless to be used highly
  • “internet connection” only has relevance to people who remember dial-up. for children, hearing about internet is as exciting as a toilet.
  • [goodness this guy is funny!]
  • aging society – people are living longer, the first person to live to be 200 has likely already been born
  • if we live longer, we start doing new things in life
  • in the fifties we invented teenagers. prior to that, you were a child for 3 years and then had your own kids at 14
  • now, you have multiple careers over a long life, marriage is no longer a judicial contract to protect property, now its for love
  • most companies want to grow by replication, expand into another country
  • very few talk about growing by magic, how do you grow by magic?
  • viagra was a failed blood pressure medication with side effects, now we can invest our money in some birds that are really angry
  • we are frozen in uncertainty so we hoard cash in case we come across the next angry birds.
  • should we compete or create? competing rewards familiarity. creating makes enemies.
  • how long do you want to work to create one hour of reading light – in 1800 you had to work 6 hours, in 2014 it takes on half a second of work. lights could grow by replication – big candles, yellow candles, candle conferences, candle meetings. or you could build a lightbulb. new companies aren’t bound by what we’ve been doing all along.
  • a good measure of progress is liberation.
  • only ideas with true potential make you frown or smile. not something something big data something something social listening.
  • look for secrets, unarticulated needs
  • we look for ideas in the wrong people sometimes, just people they say the right things and sound intelligent
  • to live is to poke around, we don’t plan everything and some of our ideas are bad
  • look for secrets, experiment, recycle failures, be patient and persistent
  • companies often feed problems and starve opportunities
  • it is stupid to say “We have tried that before”  Check out the history of the “Torn” song
  • keep ‘making enemies’ at the top of the list, ideas that sound strange have potential to succeed


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