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What is Vue magazine? #MRX

If you didn’t already know, I am the Editor in Chief of Vue magazine which is put out ten times each year by the Canadian Marketing Research and Intelligence Association. VueCoverApril2014

It features articles by Canadian authors as well as top researchers from around the world. Most issues feature a debate on a topic issue, regular columns (by Ruth Corbin, Brian Singh, Ric Hobbs, Susan Abbott, Dylan Cody, Julie Fortin), and news about the MRIA, its members, and member companies, and a cartoon or two. If you’ve not seen our magazine before, download our most recent issue right now and check it out for yourself. I would love to hear your thoughts, what you like, don’t like, and would like to see in upcoming issues.


If you’d like to be an author, either of a regular article or one of the debates, do let me know and I’ll share all the details with you. You just might find yourself on the cover!

I hope you like it!

Life as a Covergirl #MRX #MRIA #Vue

Vue MRIA annie pettit lovestatsYes, it’s true.

I’m a covergirl, a supermodel, a world famous celebrity. On the cover of this month’s issue of Vue, there I am, little ‘ol me, taking center stage.

And now, when I walk down the street, people rush over with pens and paper in hand desperate for an autograph. My phone has been ringing all day and all night from people hoping to hear my voice. Peeping Toms (is that you @TomEwing or perhaps @THEkerrybutt?) have been creeping around my yard trying to catch a glimpse of me through my windows.

But it’s not all coming from strangers. My mom has been quick to join in on the craziness.  She’s purchased every available copy of the magazine and is handing them out to every person she’s ever met. She rewrote the Christmas letter that was supposedly finalized 5 months ago. She printed out custom bumper stickers, “My daughter is more famouser than your daughter.”

I think, enough already. Just wait for your copy of the Vue to come in the mail and enjoy the articles. One of them is mine. I hope you like it.

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