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Keynote interview with Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger DBE, #MRSlive @TweetMRS #NewMR #MRX 

Live blogged at MRS in London. Any errors or odd comments are my own.

  • We are suffering from a compassion deficit
  • Europe has failed on the referendum, problem with asylum in first country of because that puts the load on only a couple countries, people in camps and traveling want to go to Germany or Sweden because Angela find a warmer welcome than England, and Swedish system for asylum is much better and quicker, England has it wrong and feels hostile to people coming
  • Taking 3000 children is not very many, England has facilities to look after them
  • We have compassion fatigue
  • Even if we can’t take adults we really should take the children 
  • Migration has become a key part of Europe debate even though it has nothing to do with it
  • Politicians job is not only to listen to population but sometimes to lead and try to change opinion [YES, the population doesn’t always know what is right]
  • Britain took 80 000 people during the war, during severe depression so we can certainly do it again, there is a moral responsibility
  • Hopes Britain says in Europe, being out would be worse, makes no sense to pay and not have a voice at the table, have had peace in Europe since 1945
  • Anyone who goes to a hospital will see employees from all over the world and that is true in the tiniest of towns, people detach themselves from reality of regular experience, chicken tiki masala is the national dish but it wasn’t born here, it’s how people want to perceive themselves
  • You see yourself like this but you’re  actually like this
  • Politicians should turn mirror back on people to see who is caring for them, it’s a world wide population all around you all the time
  • Many organizations are trying to help refugees,people have given up their jobs to work in refugee camps, people don’t like the cruelty or hostility or compassion fatigue
  • Asylum seekers get five pounds a day for living (not accommodation/utilities) and they need volunteer help, lots of people want to sponsor individuals or families, even today like during the war a lot of people want to help
  • Big vs small government, govts decide on war and social welfare but you can’t have a bunch of people deciding on it, you need a govt deciding, we elect govt and yes they can tell us what to do, on the side of big govt although they do stick their hands a little bit too far
  • Scandinavian countries are showing some severe hostility as well
  • How do we get around the fear? Introduce people, meet the ‘other’, buddying kids in schools works well [my school did this during the ‘boat people’ phase and all the kids were so eager and proud to be a buddy]
  • We’re all guilty to selectively using data that suits the argument you want to take, data may change your argument if you look at ALL the data, politicians need to look at MR data and the other data 
  • End of life Liverpool care pathway – designed by a professor, palliative care consultant, horrified by how people were dying in regular hospitals, it was a matter of luck for whether you got decent care dignity and privacy to die well, it is guidance for nurses and doctors to care for people, stories starting appear in newspapers that the pathway was for death and just killing people who were going to die anyways, govt didn’t see this problem until too late and no one trusted their internal review, never thought they would have to withdraw the pathway, “I LCP’d him”, people weren’t reading the guidance, they were just doing the checklist not following up on the checklist, the brand had become toxic and they had to withdraw it [makes me sad they lost what should have been a good thing 😦 ]
  • If you want high quality care of dying people, you need access to speciality palliative care advice 24/7 and this is mostly not available, all doctors have not received palliative care training because no one checks if they have attended those classes, a GP has received the training now, anyone who trains in this country must now be trained and tested on palliative care, hospice was developed here and passiative care is still not fully available here
  • The care programs are based on market research, asked people what makes for a good death, some small samples of people talking about their own death, people need adequate pain relief and there is no excuse for anyone to die in pain, people also want privacy and dignity but all of our preferences are different, many people are terrified of being by themselves whereas others want to be completely alone, there is inadequate research in end of life care because it’s just not a fashionable movement, research of death is still very cancer based but that’s not how we’re dying anymore
  • It’s a disgrace what’s happened with math and science teaching in Britain, go into schools and talk to the kids about how important math and science is, kids needs to know math matters, outsiders need to go into schools, people from outside used to go to institutions of all sorts but now we’re so careful about protecting kids that no one can access and mentor them anymore, MRS needs to get into school, “learn statistics for fun and profit”. [LOVE this, each one of us needs to visit schools and share our love for data and science]
  • How do we get ethics to the top of discussion, not legal compliance. Get in during the drafting of legislation. Make your rules clear to data protection people. Stand up and shout. Be loud and clear. 
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