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Social Big Data by Juan Carlos Mejia Llano #ACEI_CO #InvestigAction2013 #MRX

… Live blogging from the Colombian Association for Marketing and Public Opinion Research in Bogota, Colombia, any errors are my own, any comments in [] are my own…

ACEI Bogoto Colombia

Para leer esto en español, por favor, copie pegarlo en Google. Una mala traducción es mejor que ninguna traducción.  http://translate.google.com

  • from 2010 and 2012, the amount of data generated was the same as EVER produced before then
  • the volume of data is often overwhelming – banking, telecom – they’ve always generated a lot of internal data but when you add in external data…
  • there is also a lot of variety of data, used to be very constant data – what was sold, how many, how much. But not all data is structured.
  • data comes from many places – internal data, transactional data, public data from the government and other organizations, security cameras and other sensors (eg cars driving themselves), mobile device data, social media data
  • social networks have created a massive amount of data, 30 hours of video are uploaded to youtube in one minute, 2 million searches in google per minute – info is shared real time and often is related to a specific brand
  • big data is when we have a high volume and high variety and high speed of data; big data is not new, it didn’t happen a year ago, it’s always existed. but now, social networks have pushed it forward more quickly
  • we often ignore data because there is too much of it and no way to analyze it
  • we need people who specialize in statistics to deal with this data, and you do need massive storage space
  • cognos, sql server, sap as well as spss, sas, r, statistica are all good tools to analyze business data  [yay R!]
  • now we need tools for analyzing social big data to analyze what users are saying, but this data isn’t structured at all, it cannot be done by hand
  • the digital customer is more important than the physical customer  because they have more power- internet is at their disposal to get any information and they are very informed beyond what you share with them, internet is there to complain which empowers the consumer so much that governments have actually been brought down by it or brands have reneged on new logos, internet allows people to communicate right now which can prove where you are and what you said, internet allows for a controlled interaction
  • social gives you knowledge in real time, i’ll tell you right now on twitter whether i’m happy or angry. you must act on that knowledge. it allows you to react to an issue that could affect you in the long term. you can see emotions and see their other information elsewhere.
  • online reputation is important to monitor – the brand name is more valuable than the physical buildings. you could have many buildings but no customers.
  • brands make the mistake of posting a press release on their facebook page, it changes how customers see you
  • there are paid software applications designed for social big data, there are free applications as well but they do have limitations
  • these tools help you see what people are saying about your brand, whether it’s good or bad
  • Memphis police dept decreased crime using big data – they collect criminal activities, when they happen, where they happen in order to predict where crimes will happen
  • volume, variety, and speed create big data
  • information must be processed statistically to make big data useful
  • social big data is unstructured and allows you to listen to customers
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