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What’s on my bookshelf?

Apparently, you can tell a lot about a book just by looking at its cover. If that’s so true, then let’s have a look at the books on my bookshelf and see if they say anything about me.bookshelf

On the top shelf, we have a few books by my favourite author, W.O. Mitchel (Who Has Seen the Wind), a few books that were dear to me in my childhood (A Little Princess, Velveteen Rabbit), and a number of books that were passed down through my family (Ontario Public School Hygiene, 1919 – which, by the way, highly recommends bathing at least once per week).

The next shelf contains every Oliver Sacks book (except the new one that is coming out in a couple weeks), every book from the Best American Science Writing series (except most of them which are sitting in a stack being reread for the fiftieth time by my bed), and a number of Steven Gould and Jay Ingram science books.

The next shelf, which is actually missing from this image, is all cookbooks. Much of the Companies Coming series, and various other bread, cookies, muffins, sweets recipe books. Because one book specializing in cookies is simply insufficient.

Then we come to another shelf completely full of cookbooks. These ones are nonstandard sizes, and not part of any series. There are a few main course books here but I can guarantee you I didn’t buy those. The emphasis remains, shockingly, on things with sugar.

The last two shelves reflect one topic – gardening. There are lots of specialty books – ponds, shade, small gardens, bog gardens, succulents, xeroscaping. There are also a number of big fat heavy comprehensive books to cover everything that just might not be covered in the other gardening books.

And that’s just bookshelf #1.

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