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How Funny and Clever Earns Budget and Respect by Adam Cook, Pilot Media, Inc. #CRC2014 #MRX

CRC_brochure2013Live blogging from the Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

How Funny and Clever Earns Budget and Respect
Adam Cook, Pilot Media, Inc.

  • [classic Seinfeld episode – George decides to do the opposite and confess to a gorgeous lady he lives with his parents]
  • The more data we share, the less engaged our audience becomes, less likely they are to act as a result
  • be aware of the stereotypes people have before we even say a word
  • We need to understand communications: Grab their attention, hold their attention, get them to act
  • Grab attention
    • Share something unexpected but relevant – not the dancing gorilla
    • be authentic and connect by relating
    • acknowledge the stereotypes- avoid the negatives and embrace the positives
  • Hold attention
    • share a road map to the presentation
    • nothing builds credibility like someone else’s. quote people, use other people’s case studies.
    • give timely real and engaging examples to demonstrate the value
  • Move people to act
    • through attention, engagement, credibility, simplicity, examples, logic and emotion
    • demonstrate a passion and maintain an authentic orientation
  • Decision making – Widen your options. If you’ve got options A and B, try to figure out what options C and D are.
  • Reinforce your points with relateable examples outside research
  • Be aware you may have biases going in to a project
  • Research is a recovery process – admit your weaknesses, admit to your problems, don’t return to biased decision making
  • Go beyond the research and demonstrate how it’s all for not without follow through
  • Short term emotions tempt you to make the wrong decisions
  • use a credible and alarming source that can grab attention, hold attention, and inspire action
  • Don’t be overconfident about the future – “The future isn’t a point, it’s a range”
  • [every research needs to watch the movie Moneyball]
  • [Okay, the presentation wasn’t about funny as opposed to being about relateable. all good. 🙂 ]


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  1. An inspiring item for people to use in their retweets
  2. One item everyone can actually understand but cannot be physically accomplished
  3. One item everyone really should do but is completely outside the budget
  4. One item everyone will do because it’s easy though ineffective
  5. One item everyone wishes they could do but can’t because it’s too complicated
  6. One item that everyone already does
  7. One really stupid item that makes the reader feel smarter you
  8. At least one synergistic item that is engaging and leverages story telling using web 2.0
  9. At least one item that references BP, the Old Spice guy, statistics about Octopus Paul, or some other topical item that will get you a lot of hits when you put it in your tag list
  10. A really funny item at the end that will make people retweet and share the list even though it’s as stupid as this list

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