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This is what research heaven is #MRIA #MRX

I’ve been in Kelowna for barely an hour and already I’m at home. I kicked off my shoes, walked barefoot across boardswalks and beaches, and stared in admiration at swallows buzzing my head, gigantic osprey, and an abundance of birds I don’t recognize in the sanctuary. I’m pretty sure this is what my heaven will be!

And now, off to speed networking!

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#MRXblogs – It’s new and it’s fabulous #MRX #NewMR #NGMR

Yes, there are a million places online that will aggregate anything and everything related to market research. Do we need yet another one? Maybe not. But I wanted one for me. So I created a new Twitter feed called @MRXblogs. You’re welcome to follow and read it too.

It will publish blogs from individuals, small companies, and established industry organizations that are focused on market research, statistics, survey, and charting. Blogs that overwhelm the stream or are heavy on sales and marketing, won’t be included. I won’t monitor the account or reply to tweets or DMs.

If you would like your blog included, please leave a comment here or tweet me at @LoveStats and we’ll see if it fits well with the stream.

So if it suits you, enjoy!

The Joy of Stats with Hans Rosling #MRX

If you’re not yet excited about statistics, get ready because Hans is definitely excited and he will bring you along for ride. My favourite part: The average person has more than the average number of legs.

Here is a four minute preview of his talk.

But be sure to find an hour to watch this hour long video.

To zero or not to zero, that is the question #MRX
A Pie Chart of my Favourite bars…
Data Tables: The scourge of falsely significant results #MRX
Researchers Discover The Sixth Sense #MRX
Approximately Correct Is Better than Precisely Incorrect

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