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Mission Possible: Innovative Solutions to Challenging Project Briefs Presented by Roddy Knowles, Director of Mobile Research #CRC2014 #MRX

CRC_brochure2013Live blogging from the Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Mission Possible: Innovative Solutions to Challenging Project Briefs
Presented by Roddy Knowles, Director of Mobile Research

  • Mission: Invade personal space – What is the relationship between toilet paper and flushing issues – we need you to capture in the moment usage of toilet paper
  • Mobile survey was easy, quick – how many sheets, are you folding/wiping/crumpling, how many times do you wipe?
  • how do you make a survey mobile friendly?
    • break it up into chunks – served 10 questions at a time
    • did a side by side of chunks vs full survey to compare
    • initially difficult to set up, but faster in field, resulted in better member experience, provided better data, challenge made us stronger because we realized we could handle the process
  • IMG_3533[1]Mission: Tag, track and talk
    • measure shopper at 3 points in shopper journey – pre shop planning, in-store, making/consuming product
    • difficult to do without mobile
    • in-store researcher or facility testing was not natural and not preferred
    • first profiled respondents and then recruited the right people, surveyed about planning for shopping and then sent them to the store. they didn’t know what product was going to be assigned to them
    • reimbursed people for the product
    • mobile IHUT validated with phones, added depth with open-ends and media
    • let them see how people use the product differently than expected
  • Mission: understand categories of websites while shopping impacts purchase decisions
    • monitor shoppers full digital footprint
    • metered panelist on mobile phone and computer
    • looked at app usage on smart phone and social media listening
    • let them see what else they are doing at the same time – email, games, while they’re occupied with the product
  • IMG_3534[1]Mission: Unicorn hunting
    • find people who are at the very very beginning of a purchase decision – needle in a haystack
    • follow entire process and see when it does or doesn’t end up in a purchse
    • used metered panel – computer and mobile
    • specifically monitored auto websites, bluebook
    • opt in for GPS tracking, matched up to dealership locations
    • surveyed during and after, and really try to get right at the point of the experience instead of relying on memory
  • Mission: Track Santa Claus
    • study over the last two years, track data around black friday, cyber monday, christmas, new years
    • used metered panel again, which websites, which phone apps, which stores they visit
    • used a mobile diary, had people check in with them while they were shopping, a short survey about categories, basket spend, receipts from shoppers
    • mobile is starting to look more like PC, see bumps around the exact holidays
    • many stores opened extremely early on these holidays but the data showed that people did go earlier and there were spikes in traffic at the early time slots. the people going really early spend more
  • integration is key, this is how you meet objectives in creative way

Sean Conry: Mobile Research #netgain #mrx

GPS receivers from Trimble, Garmin und Leica

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What follows are some of my silly musings and key take-aways of the session.
Sean Conry, Techneos: Mobile Research – New platform, new thinking
– “How do we move this 45 minute survey onto mobile.” No, this isn’t what mobile research is.
– Mobile lets you reach audiences that are difficult otherwise
– People are going to try to answer surveys on their mobile whether you like it or not – so help them do it.
– Gain new insites via this different method
– Specific study: During a UK bank holiday; what are you doing right now, where are you, who are you with, how do you feel, provide a photo or GPS
– (just did one of my famous typos! the word “during” always comes out as the name of my SO 🙂
– On average, 8 responses per person, 2.7 entries per day, 55% included photos, 38% included all GPS coordinates, 68% included at least 1 GPS coordinate
– On average, 15 words per message about “what are you doing”
– Visual trend spotting, major theme was food and how they were buying/cooking, media was another huge trend
– “Quantilative” new word for qualitative quantitative research…. interesting! Word comes from Monique Morden, previous speaker
– You can code photos with words, these are all food or facebook or reading or tv
– People who look after their kids DO have untraditional hobbies and interests and this lets us see them
– Great validation method is checking words with GPS. “I’m on the highway 401” and the GPS confirms this.
– 100% said they would do it again, 77% would recommend, 32% concerned about cost of data plan on phone, 23% concerned about being tracked, 3% diary is too instrusive
– Responders can’t download the aps to work phones
– Get better results if you don’t warn people the research is coming

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