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Location Panels: Opting in to sharing your every movement Andrea Eatherly #Qual360 #QRCA

Live blogging from the Qual360 conference in Toronto, Canada. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.qual360

Location Panels: Opting in to sharing your every movement 
Andrea Eatherly, Head of Operations, Placed
  • privacy is a major issue, panel is triple opt-in – 1) download app, we will measure your location 2) second as downloading app 3) registering for panel
  • rewards are provided, lots of people are getting my data anyways so people might as well be rewarded for it
  • insights are all aggregated by demographics etc
  • in-store tracking is not opt-in, if your wi-fi is on, you are trackable
  • Opt-out approaches to location – little to no notification to consumer, no value exchange
  • Opt-in means they get demographics, they can send survey questions to create a loop
  • Understand store traffic, by demographics, in real-time, makes it possible to predict ups and downs in retail sales
  • Connect mobile to in-store activity – watch people search the internet at home and then see which stores they actually go into to shop for the product
  • can figure out whether people using certain apps are more likely to visit certain grocery stores
  • People who watched the biggest loser were more likely to visit fast food chains – an aspirational market
  • People who watched survivor are more likely to go to gyms, fitness stores – good for marketing purposes
  • Can see which shopping apps different retailer shoppers use – walmart vs target vs kohls vs JCPenney, those people all prefer different apps
  • What other stores are your starbacks shoppers going into, competitive stores?
  • Monitor whether ads people see on computer result in people going to the retail store
  • Information can be used to target ads to the right people – your consumers like these specific stores about these categories and these price points

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Capturing the Moment: A Feasibility Test of Geo-fencing and Mobile App Data Collection by Dan Seldin #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the CASRO Digital conference in San Antonio, Texas. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.CasroDigital

“Capturing the Moment: A Feasibility Test of Geo-fencing and Mobile App Data Collection”
Capturing “in the moment” consumer feedback in a retail environment is an exciting prospect and one that is now possible via geo-fencing. In theory conducting such mobile surveys will render accurate insights, but will consumers be willing to interrupt their shopping to take them? And what question formats work best? In addition to the presenter, this paper was authored by Gina Pingitore (J.D. Power), Laurie Alexander (J.D. Power) and Chris St. Hilaire (Mfour Mobile Research, Inc.)


  • Dan Seldin, Director, Analytical Center of Excellence, J.D. Power
  • people check their phones every 6.5 minutes
  • feasibility of geo-fencing and mobile app surveys to capture in the moment customer feedback
  • Will consumers repsond during or immediateley after?
  • Did study on high incidence grocery shoppingEmbedded image permalink
  • Survey mid-shopping had lower completion rates than post shopping
  • Mystery shop took 9 minutes longer to complete
  • Respondents found the post-shop survey was easier to take
  • No significant differences between textbox, scroll, and drop-down question types
  • Profiles on mobile responders and non-responders was the same, but mobile folks tended to be younger
  • Overall satisfaction was lower for mobile app users
  • Textbox scores are higher than drop-down/scroll scores
  • Stated checkout times increase as the distance between the experience and surveying increases [so what is the correct answer?]
  • Mobile shoppers also  took an optional picture or video of something in store
  • Must test this in other retailers – restaurants, auto dealerships
  • May not need traditional mystery shoppers, maybe research participants are the way to go
  • Need to also test low-incidence behaviours

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