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What’s Beyond Mobile? New MR: General Mills Goes All In by Ryan Backer, General Mills #CRC2014 #MRX #GreatTalk

CRC_brochure2013Live blogging from the Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

What’s Beyond Mobile? New MR: General Mills Goes All In by Ryan Backer, General Mills

  • 2011 saw opportunity for mobile technology; 2013 felt confident they’d figured out mobile; 2014 formed emerging technologies team
  • 2011, they bet big. spent a year trying to get smart. convinced that by 2014 80% of research would be mobile.
  • Believers because 1) they felt they had to, mobile is surpassing desktop, default access point for all things internet, even surveys designed for desktops, particularly for multi-culturals and millennials, attention spans keep shrinking 2) pride themselves on bringing innovation to the marketplace, love idea of getting richer insights using bells and whistles of the phone – location, audio, visual, in the moment qualitative, feedback WHILE it’s happening 3) it felt right, traditional research feels ancient, we can now ask people to take a picture of their snack drawer and then see products they would never imagine sitting right beside your product, have people take pictures in the stores of how their product is always out of stock, it felt more natural in terms of ethnographic research
  • How did it go? GEMO – good enough, move on. there are plenty of warts but let’s move on
  • They heavied up and sold hard – did a lot of hand holding for any research project that seemed to work best with mobile so that every person had a positive experience with it. Had major meetings with large teams to showcase the mobile research so that everyone could see they could do mobile research too
  • They redefined best practice.
    • Ethnography – Not limited to certain geography, more honest feedback, it’s not a stranger interviewing you, you’re in your own home
    • Shopper satisfaction – Do it while you’re still in the store, not the next day after you’ve forgotten everything
    • IHUT – save on shipping costs, send them to store to buy something, ask questions about finding the product, comparing the products
    • Instant A&U – increased speed because everyone has phone with them at all times, can push a survey at any time
  • Invented new capabilities – answered questions they’ve never been able to get answered before, ask questions they’ve never had before
    • Mobile Missions: send people on a task
    • Geo-intercepts: without physically being in a store
    • LaunchWatch: get results on brand new products immediately, real time basket analyses
    • OTC ad-tests – typically in a controled environment but now they can do it “On The Couch,” as ads are experienced for the first time while you’re on your couch
  • Mistakes along the way
    • Lift and Shift ROR – You can’t just put a standard survey on a phone, know when to put audio video so that the research is done well not just somewhere else, know that results will be different because the method and timing and location is different
    • Multimedia paralysis – how do you handle hundreds and thousands of visuals, it’s very time consuming
    • New Method Flops – They never turn work away, but sometimes it just doesn’t work
    • DIY Scissors – They are many DIY solutions, anyone thinks they can do research and it results in “Running with scissors” research
  • Abandoned the mobile team now, but no longer have an in-house team, it’s just regular research now
  • Next is still mobile but also other things
  • We’ve reached the tipping point. Stop talking about mobile and start talking about device agnostic.
  • Close to 80% now, but not by dollars
  • They have a solid rolodex of suppliers and now recommend those suppliers to their teams
  • Know your barriers
  • data stitching is not easy, gamification is on their list, still need true full service – know research AND technology AND storytelling
  • Exponential change
    • Internet of things – connect all device and eeverything in between
    • quantified self – behavioral is now diary but we’re going way beyond that
    • augmented reality and virtual reality – could be THE next big thing
    • 3D printing – especially in food industry
    • artificial intelligence – natural language interpretation, unstructured data interpretation
    • robotics
  • looking for new applications of mobile, new data streams, and new technology/gadgets
    • Geofence consumers to within 4 inches when they are in front of a box of cheerios, how much time in front of those cheerios, build your own granola bar game
    • data streams previously unavailable – fitbit, wearables, consuming calories, how you burn calories
    • fridge with internet, clip on your shirt and takes a pictures every 30 seconds [need one!], coupons and menu ideas direct to your fridge monitor

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