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Brand Together by Meyassed and Koch, #SoMeMR #MRX #li

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11.15 Brand together: The social media experience from the consumer perspective

  • Examining the key findings from Promise’s private community of social media research and co-creation participants.
  • How participants have found the experience
  • What could be improved to get more of respondents’ time, commitment and dedication
  • How social media research has compared to other research tools they have participated in
  • What their ideal engagement with researchers would be like

Doron Meyassed, Director & Founder, Promise Communities
Felix Koch, Consultancy Director, Promise Communities

  • 5 things about co-creation we didn’t know before we created our community
  • What do consumers love and hate about online co-creation; Why do they take part; What would they change
  • 230 people, 14000 contributions, 11 comments every hour, 150 characters per comment, 8 pound incentive voucher at Amazon; Participants were top contributors from other communities and so not rep of average community. Opinions from people who actually move opinions and create new products.
  • First thing – interacting with brand is more important than interacting with peers. We are often told to make brand behind the scenes and this seems wrong for co-creation. They want to share with the brand, THEN meet other like-minded people, THEN get rewards. Unless confidentially is a huge issue, don’t run unbranded communities. It will introduce bias but it gets the most out of the community.
  • Second – sharing back the impact they had on the company is the single biggest driver of Sustained Participation. Strong impact on decisions is top reason, THEN rewards, THEN social status and peer recognition. Feedback correlates highly with participation.  Therefore tell people what the brand is doing or not doing to keep people motivated. Show a picture of the research team working with a messy conference room.
  • Third – communities make people more creative and able to express themselves. Why? Platform to express themselves simply (millions of images, videos, text available to use online). Longitudinal method allows them to develop skills and confidence over time. Feel safe and not judged. The ‘bar’ for results has been lowered – what is classified as creative isn’t so hard to reach. Create WITH consumers not FOR consumers.
  • Fourth – Every community has two entities. Members become slightly biased over time but it’s marginal. In their example, 22% of members feel close to the brand before the community, a number that doubled after joining the community.  Cherish fans and acknowledge them, they are totally biased, use for co-creaton. Larger community is less engaged, refresh them and use for refinement and evaluation. Don’t throw out the biased fans.
  • Fifth – Participants can develop 8 new propositions in 8 weeks. Good quality in short time frame. Turn responders into researcchers. Give respondent tools to do research, cameras. Create collaborative units that compete over time.
  • Sixth – they hate the term co-creation. don’t call it insight or cocreation. Don’t be swanky with the wording.
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