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Clusters of Innovation by Jeremy Gutsche #TMRE #MRX

Live blogs by@LoveStats! This is a session summary from The Market Research Event by IIR in Orlando, Florida, November 2011. It was posted mere minutes after completion of the talk. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side remarks are also my own. Feel free to leave comments and critiques. ***                                                                                                          ***

The Trend Report: Clusters of Innovation
Jeremy Gutsche, Founder of Trendhunter.com, Author of Exploiting Chaos

Jeremy Gutsche speaking

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  • Many top companies were created during recessions
  • #1 the supremacy of culture
  • #2 tragic return of gut instinct
  • Peter Drucker – “It’s not the questions that change, it is the answers that do”
  • MR used to be driven by product. This is ubiquitous. it’s experience.
  • Know what you are selling. Harley doesn’t sell bikes, they sell the experience of riding a bike – making people scared of someone is really just a businessman
  •  Popular is not cool. We want to find things that other people can’t see. Popular and cool is totally different. Cool is unique, cutting edge, viral, the next big thing.
  • When we hunt for cool? You get weird products.
  • New ideas surround us. it’s not tought to find them. There is so much to do already, people skip steps and rely on gut. We’ve become less innovative and more obsessed with optimizing.
  • Exploiting chaos – trend hunting, adoptive innovation, infectious marketing.
  • The only thing that makes it all matter if you create a culture that makes it possible.
  • Remember Smith Corona? The best typewriter company in the world? They made huge bucks so why worry about dumb ol’ computers. Benchmarked against competitors too much. They built a laptop ten years before anyone else but it was still really a typewriter. They were complacent though.
  • Situational framing dictates the outcome.  They focused on attributes not the experience.
  • Successful companies innovate to optimize position on their hill, but to find bigger hills one must fail. Trying something new might be seen as a failure.  Get rooted in what your customer is all about.
  • Case study – get people to stop littering. Iron Eyes Cody had no impact on the Keep American Beautiful campaign. We expect we can tell you and you will figure the rest out. Tell, motivate, connect – these are more and more difficult. holy grail of communication is cultural connection.  Why do people love ING direct? They made a cultural connection. They speak WITH people, not TO people.
  • Who litters? [audience yells males, young, truck drivers, pickup trucks] Research says these are the right results. King of my world lifestyle. Crying actor does not connect with these people. “Don’t mess with Texas” was the slogan determined by the research and they backed it up with cool tough actors speaking. Make a cultural connection. They will endorse your idea for you. Through social media and word of mouth. People made their own commercials for Don’t Mess With Texas. Side road litter was reduced by 72% but almost nothing within target group.
  • We feel like we’ve done remarkable research. Interact, watch, observe your consumers. Create a connection to the research. Let editors talk to people canceling subscriptions. Have the car designer talk to users.  Put designers at the kiosk in the store.
  • There is no point innovating if you think you already know the answer.
  • How does Ferrari spot trends? Be more open to the complete possibility of what could be.Don’t focus all your time in one place. Get outside of your industry, markets, culture.
  • Trendhunter – 700 million total views. Most updated largest collection of cutting edge ideas. Repackage results from the website. Pop culture, vacations, unlabelling, augmented reality shopping.
  • http://www.trendhunter.com/secret/tmre
  • Trendhunter is now designed for researchers, use a category specific page. What does it cost?….. FREE for subscribers!
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