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60 second elevator pitches: Annie’s Unofficial Scores #ESOMAR #MRX 

Ok everyone, impress us, excite us, stand out, make us remember you and want to find you in the crowd. 

These are my personal opinions…. F is horrid, D is bad, C is average, B is good, A is holy cow what was your name again! Do NOT go over time!

  • Kelly from C&C research – standard speech with standard slides, not well practiced though, didn’t finish in the alloted time – Grade: C
  • Emanuel from Strategir –  described where their name came from, explained the objectives of their research, standard slides, didn’t finish in time – Grade: C+
  • James from GeoPoll – stood in front of the podium, described the challenges, standard description, ran out of time and kept talking – Grade C
  • Rudy from Dapressy – stood away from the podium, standard talk, standard slides, went over time = Grade C
  • Alice from RealityMine – good speaking skills, described a real process, finished on time  – Grade B-

Second session –  these folks saw the first session so the bar might be higher this time. Good luck!

  • Chris from SSI – did a fun with flags game [yup, big bang reference] of where SSI has offices. nice attempt but the audience is just a big mumble and I can’t hear the answers. DIdn’t hear anything about the company. Ran out of time and kept talking. Grade B-
  • Wally from Confirmit – desribed a project to find out what kind of researcher someone is, showed random open text answers. Kept talking over time. Grade C+
  • DImitri from CoolTool – product description. Finished on time! Grade B
  • Carolyn from Google consumer surveys – mentioned they do sampling, 1000 publishers, have an app, just mentioned three key issues that will catch people’s attention, Grade B+
  • Tony from Sample Answers – slightly different company description. Went over but they started him over. Grade – C
  • Bilendi – standard company description, quite like the black background!, but can’t read the charts. FInished on time! Grade C+
  • Dave from Voxpopme –  “power of storytelling” Buzzword BINGO!  No slides, just listen. Focus on videos. Plain and simple. Grade B-

Ten 60 Second Elevator Pitches #ESOCong #MRX

… Live blogging from the 2013 ESOMAR Congress in Istanbul Turkey. Any errors are my own, any comments or terrible jokes in [] are my own…


  1. Dimitri from Cool Tool: Cloud based research platform, real time sharing, sell and buy any service online – 50 seconds. Grade: C (average)
  2. Sarah from Toluna: Introducing Sample Xpress. Cheater!!! They used a video so there was no timing challenge. And their video went over time!  BOOO!  🙂  Grade: F
  3. Thomas from C&C:  US data collection service started over 25 years ago, Qual and quant services, including mall, added portable tobii eye tracking Grade C
  4. Tomo from Borders: Japan panel provider, booth has a friendly crew so visit them, he left 10 seconds for questions Grade D
  5. Steve from MarketCube: last minute research project and the “orange” isn’t answering any questions. The orange is peeled and an apple emerges from the peel. Couple seconds over time. Grade B
  6. Pravin from Esomar: Asks audience to snap fingers. Asks people from various countries to stand up. Over time! Grade C+
  7. Isaac from 20/20:  WHAT IF qual was limited by distance time or language? WHAT IF? We help you solve your online qual problems. Under time.Grade C+
  8. Tony from Sample Answers Limited: RDD specialists, B2B services, specialists in LATAM and Caribbean. Over time. Grade C
  9. Alistair from Ondevice: Mobile panel company, growth markets, 3 years old, 10 million surveys in 57 companies, pioneers of survey chunking on mobile, splitting surveys into 2 chunks Grade: C+
  10. Pete from SSI: Devices have converged, not just design or inclusivity or sampling, it’s about everything. Over time. Grade C-

I was hoping for someone to WOW us and so left room in the A’s and B’s. I’m betting those will show up in the longer sessions. 🙂

Annie’s Winner: MarketCube!

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