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Community Approach by Bester and Dunn, #SoMeMR #li #mrx

Flag of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

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14.30 Using a Community Approach to Inspire Creative Development

How communities can play a role in each stage of the creative development process
How we can overcome many of the issues with traditional creative development research
Explaining the power of iterative development
Doug Dunn, CEO, Tuned In
Debi Bester, Director of Creativity & Innovation, The Reinvention Works

  • Research is the creative and the creative is the research.
  • RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Association) – Youth who had never heard of them now knew them because of mystery packages sent to influential youth bloggers. got 1 million responses/comments/videos/views. #1 most viewed in numerous countries. Reached 15% of youth in Britain. “supporters of tomorrow”
  • Where did it come from?
  • Strategy – generate insights; Create – inspire ideas: Crafting = generate content; Evaluate – refine and validate.
  • The brief – get young people to lead the word in adopting a sustainable lifestyle by creating a longterm generational behaviour changing campaign.
  • Projective technique – Imagine it’s 2050, climate change is halted, rainforests have regrown, ice caps have reformed. Now, imagine who caused this, how did it happen. Answer – Older people won’t do anything, I need to do something. We don’t need us and them campaigns.
  • Role playing – How did you start your movement? How did you inspire others to join in? Researchers learned a series of small changes better than big stunts and gestures.
  • Use social game theory and make the serious part fun. Make recycling fun to interactive with.
  • Make it financially rewarding to participate. Like Volkswagon, fine people who speed to pay people who don’t.
  • Create a measurement tool to show people how green their lifestyle is.
  • Use the visual language of the generation. Maybe originality is over-rated. Familiar is effective.
  • Give the participants special offers, discounts, freebies when they choose eco-friendly. Let them preview, test, and try new products.
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