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Deep Fried CNE and a Goat

The CNE, as always, has produced a wondrous assortment of caloric delights. For your information, here is a pie chart illustrating where the 5600 calories I ate came from.

cne calories ex pie chart

And, here are the official scores for the items you’re wondering most about. The pictures are in order from left to right.
Donut hamburger: A+ If you’re going to do it, then do it right and get it with the egg and bacon. Tastes good, worth the calories for a once a year crazy eating fest.
Deep fried coke: C  My guess is they add a little bit of flour to the coke syrup to thicken it up a little. Then, they drizzle it into the hot oil. It doesn’t taste good or bad. It just is. Worth the money? No. Worth saying you ate it? Maybe.
Deep fried Joe Louis: B+  Nice flavour. It’s like eating warm cake out of the oven. It’s tasty but it’s not crazy wow unusual. Still yum.
Deep fried brownie: B+ Like the Joe Louis, also good but nothing OMG crazy. Nice warm cake.
donut hamburger cne exdeep fried coke cne exdeep fried joe louis  cne exdeep fried brownie cne ex
And lastly, here is a picture of me with my new boyfriend. This little guy was not interested in the free food. He just wanted a little bit of love and he weasled his head onto my arm for as long as I would pet him.
boyfriend goat cne ex


Yes, I am going to eat this Krispy Kreme donut hamburger at the CNE

In addition to sharing my opinions about social media research and ethics in research, it is also extremely important to me that I share some personal information with you. Yes, I am going to eat this Krispy Kreme donut hamburger at the CNE this year. Yes, it has a burger and bacon and egg and cheese. Yes, they swap the bun for a donut. Yes, it is 1500 calories. I will live to tell the tale. You will wish you were eating one too.

I plan to have a go at this too – Deep Fried Coke!

deep fried coke

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