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The Big Shift by Darrell Bricker #MRIA14 #MRX

Live blogging from the #MRIA national conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.saskatoon

Opening Keynote Presentation
Darrell Bricker – The Big Shift

  • What region is less likely to believe it is disrespectful to put the Canadian flag on their underwear – BC
  • What province is more religious – Atlantic
  • What region has most fire detectors, fire protection – Atlantic
  • What region is less likely to believe Canada would be better off immigrants when back to where they came from – Alberta
  • What region cares most about environment – Atlantic
  • What region believes Anne Murray should be put on Canadian money – Manitoba, Saskatchewan
  • What region believes they belong to the country first, province second – Ontario
  • What is Canada’s favourite doughnut? – Boston Cream
  • You THOUGHT you knew Canada but it’s not what you thought
  • We used to be English and french and very white, more rural and focused on natrual resources, driven by Montreal and Ottawa, trusting of authorities, fearful, paternalistic, conservative, judgmental, anti-american, used to be equal male female across the ages
  • The age pyramid we used to know is gone. Fewer kids being born, average Canadian lives a lot longer.
  • You need 2.1 kids per couple to grow but we are only producing 1.7 kids per. Japan is worse at only 1.4 per. Is this why japan is obsessed with creating robots? Germany’s population is shrinking.
  • Population of prairies is actually growing more now than in 1961, BC is growing much more than it did in 1961. This changes the balance of power.
  • Calgary is the fastest growing city in Canada.  Montreal has the oldest population, isn’t growing, high debt.
  • Why the surge? It’s immigration. Three times as many immigrants 1986 vs 2010. We accept more immigrants than any other country in the world.
  • Far more immigrants coming under economic class, family class is now far behind, and refugees is even further behind. New software engineers, new pipeline workers, service jobs – these people are coming with skills.
  • They are coming from Philippines, india, china, UK, US, France, Iran, UAE, Morocco, South Korea.  In 1970 it was pretty much UK, US, West Indies, Italy, Portugal. Very very different.  Settling around Toronto, and suburbs of western Canada. They aren’t going to Quebec or Atlantic Canada. We are becoming a pacific population and a brown population.  Families are all moving west as well because that’s where the opportunities are.
  • Toronto is 49% foreign born, Vancouver is 39% foreign born. Miami is 37%, LA is 35%, Montreal 20%, Halifax 5%.
  • Go Canada!

    Go Canada! (Photo credit: Taylor.McBride™)

    Why are immigrants coming here? We need them. By 2020, we’ll be one million skilled jobs short.

  • Canada is third in the percentage of people assessing the current economic situation in their country, western Europe is a disaster. Canada feels twice as good as they US 60% positive vs 30% positive.
  • Immigrants feel we are polite, beautiful country, friendly, good health care, care about the environment, educated, different from Americans, well off, welcoming, tolerant of different people
  • Canada third on list of “country you’d move to that is at least five hours away and you’d live there for at least two years”
  • The NEW Canadian mindset
  • more urban, multi-cultural, world traders, older, more female, tolerant, opinionated, demanding, more ideological divided, less engaged with traditional institutions, aggressively Canadian
  • We’ve had to learn how to join a french community and an english community live together, we are doing it without guns and fighting, we don’t have massive civil disruption
  • Maybe you should market to single, older, women – their housing, travel, personal needs
  • respect for every institution has declined, people are demanding more choice and more voice
  • new Canadian pride – less apologetic and more in your face
  • the emerging Canadian political landscape – consolidating right
  • old way to win elections was about Ontario and Quebec, keeping Quebec happy
  • in 2011, new coalition emerged with the west, rural areas,  and Toronto suburbs, Quebec population has decline and had less impact on elections; government is part of the problem now, new Canadians support the monarchy not the ‘older’ Canadians
  • NDP is now about to get over 25% which means Liberals can’t win.

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