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Validity of Gamification: Sweeney, Goldstein, and Becker #CASRO #MRX

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Will You Marry Me? – Exploring the Validity of the Gamification of Research”

By Terry Sweeney, Vice President, Operations and Client Services, Cross-Tab; Dan Goldstein, Chief Strategy Officer, DB5; Steve Becker, Vice President Brand Strategy, DB5

  • Does a gamified approach provide greater insight [than what?]
  • AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (developed in 1898)
  • Seduction model – Catching the eye, emotional involvement, courtship, consumation, relationship; Matches up with Brand fame, emotional connection, changed or reinforced belief, behavioural response, brand relationship
  • (Don’t confuse habit with a relationship, e.g., as you purchase a brand of soap)
  • Approach to this research – asking survey questions, engaging survey with flash to animate it, gaming approach to same questions (think of gaming as using a little basket to catch the brands you like or using a hammer to smash the brands you hate)
  • The more engaging the survey, the more sustained interest from the responder
  • People felt the gaming version was different, more interesting, and more fun
  • dropout rate also lower for gaming survey even though the time spent on it was longer
  • Adding game like elements can help responders engaged – a  “mental sorbet”
  • More engaging surveys show more elevation, e.g., more extreme opinions [is that a data quality issue?]
  • Use gaming to separate out brands that are clustered in one category, interchangeable with similar trends, helps increase differences between brands
  • More engaging means increased passion, e.g., yes I like something but if you ask when someone’s really excited, they’ll like the thing a lot more
  • All of these differences are true, they’re just in a different context
  • We must measure the differences that are relevant to the researcher, seek the answer to your real question
  • Lower engagement of surveys create high cost of research
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