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How to create teeny tiny barcharts in Excel #MRX

Prepare to be astounded. This great little chart is perfect for those situations where you normally share an excel sheet instead of creating a ppt or word file.

First, go and download a font called Bargraph. Be sure to install it before you open up Excel.

Now follow these few steps.

  1. Lay out your series of numbers in separate columns as you normally would. Monthly sales data, weekly counts, whatever it may be.
  2. Copy the concatenate equation that you see in the image below to turn the 12 separate numbers into 1 single number in column N.
  3. Change the font of column N to bargraph, as you can see in the font choice menu.
  4. Done!

bar graph font excel

You may find that the numbers you want to use aren’t single digits as is required to create this chart. All you need to do is transform your numbers into single digits. It may be as simple as dividing each number by 600 as I have done below. You could also try using log or other traditional functions. Be sure to round to zero decimal places or truncate the number so that there are no decimal places. Remember, you can only use the numbers between 0 and 9.  And…. you’re done!bar graph font excel

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