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New culture for Comedy Central by Chanon Cook #TMRE #MRX

Live blogs by @LoveStats! This is a session summary from The Market Research Event by IIR in Orlando, Florida, November 2011. It was posted mere minutes after completion of the talk. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side remarks are also my own. Feel free to leave comments and critiques. ***                                                                                                          ***

Research Unveils New Comedy Culture For Comedy Central
Chanon Cook, VP, Strategic Insights and Research, Comedy Central, MTV Networks

  • Comedy Native – Used to be a content focus research program, now the audience is the marketing, curator, critic, creator, programmer,
    Comedy Central Germany

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    distributor. Sharing a video on YouTube covers all of these components.

  • Two thirds of audience now is millennial generation
  • Moving to consumer lifestyle research
  • Young guys have always been the biggest consumers
  • Did buddy groups, self-reported video ethnographies, “Jokus Groups”, online surveys, digital ideation, audience measurement
  • Comedy is at the heart of who comedy natives are – social currency, connector, pathway to cool, agent for change, self expression, “unique brand of awesomeness”
  • They post on youtube because it says something about who they are, if you get their sense of humour, you will get who they are
  • Funny is the top train for an ideal man, funny and smart is what people want to be, everyone wants to be funny now
  • Who would you wanted to be stranded in an elevator with? fave comedian was top answer. That’s a big shift. It used to be a sports person. Comedians remind us of ourselves or our best friends. They look and act just like me.
  • It’s no longer chocolates and roses, it’s funny clips. Guys to it to impress a crush. Many do it to get noticed by someone they want to date.
  • Posting on facebook is just as good as face to face. It’s still an inside joke between me and my thousand friends.
  • This generation will be less successful than past generations so comedy is one path to fame and fortune. 60% of millennial guys think they are just as funny as comedians and are waiting for their shot.
  • 40% say comedy can shed light on social injustice
  • 25% say comedy helps shape their political views
  • 53% say comedy makes you think and gives you perspective on what’s really important in life
  • 72% look for humour in any situation. Absurdity is their new irony. Fearless generation.  Too far is when it comes from hate.
  • Guys prefer brands that match their sense of humour, not sports.
  • Comedy is the number one passion point for this generation.
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