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Never judge a book by it’s sexy cover: Cam Davis #MRIA #MRX

mria 2012Welcome to this series of live blogs from the MRIA Sample the Edge conference in St. John’s Newfoundland. All posts appear within minutes after the speaker has finished. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.


  • WAMMO – reliability, validity, representativeness are the first words out of Cam’s mouth!
  • We all live in hype, get rid of the smoke and mirrors, actually we’re living and working in the cloud
  • Canada is 2.5 to 3 years BEHIND the rest of the world
  • Cam just told us not to tweet so… i’m going to tweet
  • In 60 seconds… 700k facebook messages sent, 2 million youtube videos viewed
  • Cam recommends stealing slides from slideshare [he’s completely kidding. cam is FUNNY!]
  • Cam puts up an old school slide – 20 bullet points in small font.  Point? There is so much data being created on the internet so quickly it is impossible to keep up with it all
  • Hype cycle – technology trigger –> peak of inflated expectations –> trough of disillusionment –> slope of enlightenment –> plateaus of productivity (graphic includes a little person falling and screaming down from peak to the trough)
  • Cam admits to plagiarizing all his slides [he’s using a slide from Lenny who is in the room, fyi, Cam always asks permission]
  • Gap between what buyers use and what suppliers use
  • Lots of buzz for gamification, biometrics, facial analysis, neuromarketing. Buzz is mostly hype. There’s a lot of catching up to do if you’re paying attention to hype.
  • “Everyone uses social media” – well, not true. Majority aren’t visiting in the past 24 hours. We know you shop, we know you rode a bike, but did you do it TODAY?
  • Response rates to CATI in 2012 – 9%!!!!! it was 36% in 1997
  • PEW is a great website, absolutely look at it if you haven’t before, great for demographic, internet statistics and research
  • Majority of revenue is NOT from online – it’s cati and mail and focus groups and more
  • Non traditional MR suppliers aren’t using SPSS or SAS but they are using analytics
  • We need something NEW to sell but 99% of new products fail
  • Most #newmr research never uses the terms reliability, validity, and representativeness but when they do, they misrepresent the terms
  • Pop books have replaced academic sources and journals
  • Is academia years behind? A brand new book has 1 page on neuroscience and gamification isn’t even mentioned
  • [poor cam, his clicker isn’t cooperating]
  • Is everyone equal in social media? #influencers. No. 1 person could equal 100.
  • Return on Influence by mark W. Schaefer is a great book.
  • We’re not in a marketing mode, it’s frowned upon or people won’t retweet you. it’s called influence marketing.
  • Forrester measures types of internet users, from creaters to critics to joiners to spectators to inactives. 24% are creators. 14% are inactives.
  • Do you… Build an alert for your daily Klout score, check your date’s twitter followers, know how to schedule tweets
  • Dollywagon did research on the top tweeters, @lennyism is first, @lovestats is second (That’s me!)
  • hardly anyone follows #MRX or #NewMR. [wow, tweeters should really check out these hashtags]
  • games are everywhere, why not in market research
  • Try following #gamification on Topsy.com
  • Do games disrupt the dynamics of group? Is gaming infotainment?
  • Jon Puleston says #gamification reduces straightlining in surveys by 80%, lowers neutral answer by 25%, reduces drop out from 5% to 1%, and experience ratings go up, but surveys are often longer
  • Third party validation of gamification in published journals.
  • GAMES are not gamification.
  • Hard to track issues over time with gamification.
  • Instilling game mechanics is very costly.
  • Who is Betty hiring? not market researchers. usability and web designers, that’s who!
  • Behavioural economics says that people are not rational and well informed  and psychological factors distort predicted results [DUH! I still don’t know why this is big news. People are just discovering this?]
  • Context influences decisions [another DUH! but this time by me and Cam]
  • More choice leads to paralysis or buyers remorse
  • Big rant on “how do i know how many flights I took, what do I carry a notepad? go through all my files?”  [my favourite one is how many bars of soap do you use in an average month]
  • Rotten tomatoes movie review Cam suggests a movie must have a score of 70 before he goes to a movie – We rely on decisions from other people before we make our own decisions. it’s quicker and easier.
  • Crowdsourcing is the complete opposite to sampling
  • “Film yourself using our product” and real commercials come out of it
  • Mobile research has been the next best thing for 15 years [same with “We need to write a better survey”]
  • Most mobile surveys are completed at a desktop
  • Mobile is usually a horrid text survey shoved on a mobile survey
  • Are tablets REALLY mobile?
  • Not everyone tweets and blogs and does linkedin and facebook, not every provider of social media data collects EVERY piece of data that is online
  • [ah Cam, we love you. you’re a hilarious speaker 🙂 ]

Reviews of “The Listen Lady: A novel and social media research guide” #MRX

listen lady social media researchHave you heard? I wrote a book! It’s a novel that will help researchers, marketers, and business owners learn the theory and practice of social media research. You read that correctly, a novel! I’ve woven all the facts and theory into a fiction novel so that you can learn something new and have a little fun at the some time.

Read these early reviews!

Annie has baked a sumptuous cupcake of a story using all the mysterious ingredients of social media to illustrate practical marketing applications that any entrepreneur could understand and apply to make their business more successful. – Cam Davis, Ph.D. @CamDavis48, Managing Director of Social Data Research

 The book is a lovely, easy read which neatly identifies, lists and extols the key pillars of our Social Media ethics and tops them off with a nice little analytical “cherry.” – Finn Raben, @Finn01, Director General of ESOMAR

FANTASTIC! Very clever wording choices, phrases. Imagery is excellent. Crystal is someone I relate to. – Kathryn Korostoff, @ResearchRocks, President of Research Rockstar, Author of How to Hire & Manage Market Research Agencies

 Annie manages to place a real-world stepwise guide to conducting social media research in a clever fictionalized novel form. This book is great for business and research managers alike. Well worth the read! – Vaughn Mordecai, @Discores, President of Discovery Research Group, Author of The Landmark Blog

 A sure sign of the times” – proof that social media research has come of age, a “how to” book has been written in a light hearted way by no less than our favourite blogger, LoveStats. A “must read” for aspiring social media analysts. – Tessie Ting, @TessieTweets, Co-Founder of Conversition

facebookThe Listen Lady will soon be available on Amazon.com, for Kindle, Sony readers, and, of course, in the iBook store. Like TheListenLady fan page on Facebook to get the latest news on availability and stay tuned for more info!

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