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#MRIA2017 Panel: Is your Data C-Suite Ready

Live note-taking at the #MRIA2017 conference in Toronto. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Panel – Is Your Data C-Suite Ready? Transforming Insights into Market and Business Intelligence

Moderated by: Beth Rounds, CMO, Dapresy

Panelists: Amy Davies, Head of Insights, Acklands-Grainger, Lisa de Lima, Associate Director of Market Research, LoyaltyOne, Maelyn Angulo, Manager of Customer Experience Strategy, Capital One, Philip Scrutton, Vice President of Shopper Inisghts, BrandSpark International, Kyle Davies, Director of Marketing Research, Bond Brand Loyalty

…Yes, you read that correctly – a female moderator, and 3 women and 2 men on the panel.  Diverse panels ARE possible if you decide you will have them!

  • We need speed and automation to data into the hands of a business in a timely manner
  • Story telling and graphics are now mainstream
  • Data integration is still key but information remains in silos
  • Limit your research objectives to 2 or 3 of the items you really need to focus on. If you have more, then split them into separate projects. Think about your end product at every phase of the research. How will it translate into a report? Can we condense things into a reasonable space for reporting. The best study is a horrible study if you can’t report on it properly.
  • Lisa de Lima says their surveys are FIVE MINUTES! [In other words, don’t say it isn’t possible because it is.]
  • Get to THE answer not an answer. 
  • Push back against ‘just add one more question’
  • If you want to be believed, you need credibility. You get this by speaking to people on the frontline, speak to the sales team, the client service team, let everyone help shape strategy.
  •  Use dashboards to deliver results in realtime – let them see it before the presentation, let them drill down on relevant filters, and use this to elevate the conversation. Now you can dig deeper because everyone has seen the data they want and need to see.
  • Don’t just stick to the RFP. Think about how you can integrate findings from other projects and data. DOn’t just deliver numbers. Bring storytelling to make the data meaningful.
  • You were hired because they trust you. So tell them the answers quickly and clearly, and move the report presentation into a discussion to offer real value.
  • Give vendors enough background information so they can speak on your behalf, knowing what you know and knowing your take on the results
  • Let your researchers visit other areas of the company – the call center, client service, etc. Invite them to visit to they truly understand the business
  • Project management is table steaks. Make sure a new researcher can read a report and pull out the key point, the elevator story, the research objective. Can they tell an appropriate story about it.
  • [Currently having a candy fight with my neighbour. I WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!]
  • Data isn’t complicated. Storytelling, however, is hard. Use designers, internal or external. Marketers are good storytellers and researchers need to learn this skill as well. [I really think researchers don’t get what story telling means. It’s not like writing a kids book.]
  • What are the meaningful bits? What make sense.
  • There’s not one right way to get to a story. If you work off data tables or the dashboard or the report itself, just make sure it works.
  • Don’t just visit or go on sales calls, TELL people you visit and go on sales calls. 
  • Reports need to be quick, digestible, and FUN.
  • Use a designer to prepare infographics, images. Personalize the insights.
  • Marry attitudinal with behavioural that the client knows about
  • Don’t present every single piece of data just because you can. Focus on the real objective and answer just those questions. Then it is a crisp focused report. [You can put the rest in the appendix]
  • CEO needs one slide, other people need different or more slides. Create the right report for the person you are talking to.

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