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Mumsnet Engagement #SoMeMR #li #mrx

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16.30  Carrie Longton on what Mumsnet has taught her about the risks and rewards of engaging with people in social media

Carrie Longton co-founded Mumsnet in 2000 with Justine Roberts after the pair met in antenatal classes. The site, designed as a way for parents to share knowledge and support, quickly took on a life of its own. It now gets more than 30 million page impressions every month from more than 1.5 million unique visitors, and its influence has been felt by politicians and businesses through its high-profile campaigns and boycotts. Among Longton’s responsibilities is leading Mumsnet’s insight team, which includes running a research panel and organising product tests for manufacturers. Before starting Mumsnet she worked as a TV producer, working with the likes of Clive James and Cilla Black.

Carrie Longton, Co-Founder, Mumsnet.com

  • Mumsnet – By parents, for parents. Peer to peer online advice.
  • They learned that people didn’t necessarily value advice from experts, but advice from other people in their shoes – moms.
  • It grew by word of mouth, mumsnetters was what users called themselves
  • Now they have a panel of moms and grandparents
  • Average user session is 15 minutes and they visit 11 pages. They are high income, high-educated, wide age spread, and they take holidays. They are women, not ‘just’ moms.
  • Research as a way of marketing to people. [That’s a big no no for researchers but they aren’t a research company and so aren’t bound by research rules]
  • What moms want? Make lives easier, save time and effort, transparent, don’t stereotype, listen to opinions. I’m not a slummy mummy or yummy mummy, i’m a real unique person.
  • 90% of traffic heads to talk boards. “Am i being unreasonable” is the most popular topic and it’s not kids related. Chat is popular. Relationships is popular. Style and beauty is popular. 79% have bought a product after a recommendation from mumsnet.
  • This is the power of targeted advice. Many think this site is better than google.
  • Tools of engagement – Bespoke advertising. surveys, groups, tests. Bloggers network. Events. User videos. Webchats.
  • Online communication – DO respect, consult early, target serial networkers, think user-generated, engage, enfranchise, empathize, endear, entertain
  • DON’T think celebrity equals success, expect people to do something you wouldn’t do, try to force viral buzz, be afraid of criticism or debate
  • Bernard Matthews – change your meat not your menu. Mumsnet told people it was for Bernard. They invited moms to watch him cook. Process convined people to change their minds about turkey.
  • Pizza Express – want family friendly restaurant of future. Started with an unbranded survey. Worked with mumsnet to ask what did they really want from a family restaurant. Created a service charter to help the staff better understand how to serve food to kids.
  • Ford – Invited whole family to test drive. Sent them to the drive in theatre. Took moms to the race track which they loved because they weren’t being stereotyped. 

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