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What Ethnographers Do: Interview Guide (via Patterns of Play)

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Anyways, I thought this was an interesting way to remind people what social media research is. It’s not monitoring or reading or counting or answering questions. It’s formulating a plan around structured questions in order to come up with answers and possibly more questions. It’s “good old fashioned” ethnography brought into the world of social media.

Read and appreciate!

Part of the documentation we assemble before every project is an interview and observation guide. It’s supposed to serve as a checklist for supplies, as well as a guideline for how to conduct the interview. It includes the information we are trying to get at, as well as the questions we’re using to do so. Here is our interview guide for our current project. If you would like a copy of our interview guide, you can download it here as a Word docume … Read More

via Patterns of Play

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    I am Supermans sidekick, SuperQuantifier,


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    I can measure anything!

    I know. It’s an outrageous claim to call myself a sidekick of Superman. But, I’m one of those folks who refuses to believe anything is impossible. If you think carefully, most things can be quantified. It may require that you think on a tangent and it may require that you measure a correlate that you’ve never used before but that’s why we’re in research.

    Most things can be turned into a number if you keep a few question styles in mind, namely the who, what, where, when, why, and how words. For example, When was the last time you…
    How many times have you…
    Which of these usually…
    Where do you usually…
    With whom do you usually…
    What do you usually…
    How do you usually…

    Let’s try measuring what is surely the most unquantifiable concept – love. How about:
    When was the last time you thought about Person?
    How many times did you think about Person yesterday?
    Do you spend most of your leisure time with Person?
    On a scale from X to Y, how much do you love Person (yes, you can just ask)

    Surely love is unquantifiable but I beg you to answer those questions and not come up with a solid numerical answer. Once you start to think about it, there are myriad other questions that can enhance these few.

    So get back to basics and try a tangent.

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