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Pie-Packing by Mario Klingemann: More fascinating pie chart art

I am definitely not a fan of modern art but for some strange reason, I really appreciate this artwork. These are more stunning examples of pie charts done correctly. If you are this talented, you are welcome to create all the pie charts you want!

Check out all of Mario’s artwork here.
Pie Packing Mona Lisa
The Starry Night Pie Packed
The Girl with a Pearl Earring Pie Packed
Now click on this image to see what Mario says about his reason for creating it. “But when I look around what is being done in data visualization today I have the suspicion that in many cases the design is more important than the actual information and that the use of data is more an excuse to justify the use of aesthetics.” Hmmm, seems I’m not alone!
Dada Visualization I

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My New Business: Annie’s Art

Those of you who know me are aware of the recent shift in my career, from being part of a global corporation to working as a private marketing research consultant. What they don’t know is I’ve taken the last few months to really think about what’s important to me and to rediscover who I am. Though people have asked, I have managed to keep my thoughts to myself until now. People often aren’t very supportive when they don’t understand how you really feel. But, now i’ve had some time to really create a business plan, a marketing plan, research the industry, and find a way to make this work – for me.
I’ve taken stained glass courses and pottery courses, and the teachers always ask me if i’m really just a beginner. I’ve made my own recycled paper that people want to order for wedding invitations. I do origami and scrap-booking and quilting. I’ve been to the One of a Kind craft show and can totally see my stuff on those shelves.As fun as statistics and research are, my heart just isn’t truly in it. My heart is in Art. (Don’t ask where my slogan came from!) And that is why I am announcing “Annie’s Art,” an eclectic home business for me to sell my own art and other artists works. I hope you will support me in my decision and come along with me on my journey. Watch for my new website which is launching in TWO DAYS!!!!, and please please tweet about me when I start!
Art pottery Art pottery Stained glass Stained glass


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