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Three TV commercials that tickle my fancy and make me go Yeah baby!

[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]You’ll get a pretty good handle on my sense of humour if you watch these ads. I don’t know what’s happening on TV right now, but there are three goodies that make me chuckle. Or to look at this differently, three commercials that created fabulous marketing campaigns. I give each of them two big thumbs up for treating consumers as smart people.

Ally Bank Easter Egg Hunt: This little guy is such a cute darling and he has the funniest expression. Everyone hates fees and charges that are tacked onto prices afterwards and even kids get it. Even darling little cute kids. Awwww…

Wind Mobile Hotdogs: Here’s another commercial taking a great stab at fees  and charges that aren’t included in the price. Fees and charges that are actually part of the price. It is great marketing that will appeal to people who just want the honest truth up front. We’re not stupid and aren’t fooled by this. In fact, consumers will recognize who is being honest and up front and will vote with their wallets.

Kotex U: This commercial tickles my fancy because it’s like someone read my mind when they created it. Why do commercials promote, “Have a happy period” when you feel like throwing up and your back is killing you and you want to die. THIS commercial speaks to real women without insulting their intelligence.

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