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Check Out the Statistical Outlier on my LinkedIn Cluster Analysis

Well, isn’t that a boring way to say look at this cool visualization on LinkedIn! It’s particularly neat if your LinkedIn folks come from a few different places. Perhaps you’ve linked in with folks from your last 3 jobs, plus some friends, and some family. This fun little program will run a fancy schmancy cluster analysis and figure out all the groupings for you. You will have to name them yourself but some of them will be really obvious. You can try yours here: InMaps.

And you can see my InMap right here!

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I won a Flip Ultra from the ARF! Thank you ARF, Google, and Wikipedia!

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In anticipation of the ARF Audience Measurement conference in New York, the ARF gave attendees three chances to win this pretty little video camera, a Flip Ultra.

How did I win? I just so happened to be the first person to answer this question correctly:

In the 1940’s NBC owned the Red Network and the Blue Network among others. What entity did the Blue Network eventually become?

Heck if I know the answer to that but thank you Google! I just entered the question word for word into Google and it brought me to wikipedia.
The Blue Network was the on-air name of an American radio production and distribution service from 1942 to 1945, which traced its formal origins back to 1927. It was born of a divestiture, arising from anti-trust litigation, of one of the two radio networks owned by the National Broadcasting Company, and is the direct predecessor of the American Broadcasting Company.

Thank you ARF! I can’t wait to post video of the conference!

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