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What do goats, frogs, and hedgehogs have in common with surveys?

A 2 month old goat kid in a field of capeweed.

Image via Wikipedia

A good commercial is the one that makes you remember the brand name. There are lots out there that are cool and hip and fun, but once the commercial is gone, you have no idea what it was for.

My current fave commercial is for Telus. Yes, I actually remember the brand name and that is saying a lot. The frogs are cute, the hedgehog is cute, and I love the goats. I know that when I see the telus brand, I will be rewarded with a cute jumpy goat. Hey, small things make me happy.

So next time you’re analyzing some ad testing results, ask yourself if the ad elicits a positive stimulus response. Because if it doesn’t, chances are people won’t be doing a lot of checking “Yes” in the box beside “Have you seen any advertising for Telus recently?”

IMG_7429.JPG‘ by arvindgrover via Flickr
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