Celebrating International Women’s Day with Kathleen Wynne and the Ukuladies 

So my week was eventful! Monday evening, during ukulele jam, I was asked to join a group of women to play a few songs for Kathleen Wynne at a brunch she was hosting for International Women’s Day on Saturday. The set list arrived on Wednesday, practice was 3.5 hours on Thursday,  another 2 hours on Friday night, plus individual practice on Friday night and Saturday morning. Definitely not ideal, but it really shows what a group of women can do when time is short and a task must be completed!

This morning, we put the nerves aside and got on stage performing our rendition of Oh Canada, and Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder.  We then listened to a history of International Women’s Day from an 11th grade student and an address from Kathleen Wynne about how far women have come, and how far we have to go. I loved her honesty as she desribed the plight of international women, aboriginal women, and set-backs that have happened in recent years in more advantaged countries. The morning ended with the third performance by the Ukuladies, this one of Imagine by John Lennon.

It was an inspiring and nerve-wracking morning, one that made me proud in numerous ways. To be among so many accomplished women and to feel like I belonged among them. What a great event.

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