The Bakery Review: ALL. OF. MADRID.

Normally, I talk about one single bakery and that’s sort of what I’ll do this time too. But I need to start with a caveat. I’m a tough grader and, just like when I was in school, I hand out grades from A to F, where F is a fail, and A is excellent. I generally don’t blog about anything less than a B. However, in Madrid, the WORST bakeries would still classify as B. In fact most bakeries here get A grades, and I am stuck deciding on whether it is an A or an A+. Woh is me!

So with that in mind, may I introduce you to my absolute favourite bakery, obviously rated with an A+.  La Mallorguina, at the Puerta Del Sol, is undeniably an amazing bakery. The sheer variety of cakes, pies, and various other treats they bake from the minute they open till the minute they close is astonishing.  It is possible that I ate something there every single day. And, even when I chose something that looked kind of boring, it was a surprise and oh so delicious! I have a feeling you cannot make a bad choice here.

And, they’ve mastered the set-up. One half of the bakery is for take-out. You plop your change on the counter, point at the thing you want, they hand it to you on a napkin, and you’re out. The other half of the bakery is counter service. Plop your money on the counter, point at a piece of cake/pie/treat on a plate behind the counter, they serve it to you with a knife and fork, and you eat it standing up at the counter shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. This is the perfect solution for those cakes and pies that are just too gooey to put on a napkin to eat while you walk. In fact, the gooey factor is one reason why I am often disappointed with a bakery – there’s nowhere to eat the treat. Problem solved!

Do not walk, run to this bakery!

giiant marshmallow squarecrispy outside filled with custard, quite possibly my favouritestanding room only at the counter

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