Mentoring young talent by Michelle Leblanc @AMAhouston #ME2016 

Live note taking at the AMA Houston. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

  • All her employees are millenials and they are all digital offices in different countries
  • No generation is all the same – 18 year olds are not the same as 34 year olds even if they’re in the same segment
  • Why mentor – learn new things, understand them better, longevity, faster growth, keeps you at the top of your game [for me, it’s just the right thing to do,  you ought to help other people when you’re in the position to do so]
  • Know what they believe strongly in, embrace honesty and openness, be an active listener, expect mutual benefits
  • They grew up with people listening to them, you don’t have to agree but you have to listen
  • They want mentoring and coaching, straight feedback, and formal development programs; they’ve always had structured actives and are used to having a program to help them become a better worker
  • It’s not you. It’s not one to one.  Peer mentoring, reverse mentoring, speed monitoring.
  • They want personal advisory boards. Introduce your network. Recommend contacts to expand horizons. FInd a specific task for a specific expert.
  • Everything needs to be faster, faster feedback
  • Annual reviews are over, everyday reactions or serendipitous interactions are prefered, continuous feedback and listen to the redactions [but make sure if you do it publicly that the person is okay with that]
  • Ongoing training is extremely important, crowdsourcing answers, webinars, and even formal training and conferences, ask them to choose speakers who align with their goals ahead of time, ask them to go to all the networking events and then add to the company blog when they get home
  • Be the best example you can be
  • It’s a two way street, you both have to adapt and change because good communication takes two participants
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